«This is also a great study experience for our players and coaches,» Reed said. «We don’t just learn all of these technology, we can also enter technology into teaching. So even if we don’t have players, we can spend a few hours and teach them. Our progress has not slowed down. «

According to media reports, the left body of Justin-Peer is encountered by the back «sprained», left truncated Erek Flals (ERECK FLOWERS) and the replacement striker DJ Fluk (DJ Fluker) The injury leaves the training.

The chief will end the rest period training next week. Andy Reid previously said they have been reviewing some special tactics and personnel arrangements for partition opponents and unveiling the opponents Houston Texas.

Panthers this season, the most important thing offensive ground attack, in which the running back Jonathan — after Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) return from injury, especially the last game against the Seattle Seahawks game he completed 106 yards rushing and for the team He scored two touchdowns, which is the Panthers ground attack has been the key this season, plus Kanmu — Newton (Cam Newton) their ability to run the ball the next race which is the focus of the Panthers score means. The Panthers passing is now the most stable Greg — Olsen (Greg Olsen), the last game against the Seahawks game he scored 77 yards and a touchdown, and his sixth pick ball for the team with the first attack, almost arranged the team’s mid-range ball-point, or not so good Olson play a large extent determines the Panthers passing attack.

«I feel that I have always maintained a considerable body shape,» Mahms said in an interview. «I have been training with my teammates. I have been training with my teammates and try to prepare, I know we missed the snap-in team training and mini training camp. I am very excited to return to these people as soon as possible. Training and ready. The season will come soon. «

Many expectations are supported by Ndamukong Suh. His contradiction between Kiel has reached the point where the Soviet shoes is not wearing shoes to participate in the form. Suhe other dolphins defenders held a closed meeting to discuss the dissatisfaction of the Keyer defense system last weekend.

The career entered its sixth year veteran of the past three seasons for the New York Giants in the starting 19 games, in which the performance is the most exciting time in the 2012’s breakthrough season, he scored 8 steals the ball and amazing 307 yards back to the offensive yardage.

The giant offensive front line is injured and hurting

Beijing June 16th, due to the mini training camp, it is forbidden to collide, and it is difficult to see the quality of the offensive front line.

In Bennett — knee cruciate ligament tear before Jackson (Bennett Jackson), Mike Lai — Thompson (Mykkele Thompson) Achilles tendon tear and Knight — the case of Bo Black (Nat Berhe) accepts leg surgery, Giants safety guard position is not the whole staff. Brown return to the Giants might be speculated that among the common sense.

Keyer served as a defensive coordinator of dolphins from 2012, before he served as a ten-year defensive guard coach in Cincinnati Tiger. After the team played in the New York jet, the Dolphin Defensive Group was ranked third in the total defense code number. Keir’s defensive group cannot reach people’s expectations.

Caracious this picture may be seen by the people of Gilmer or his side, so the high-thin angle guard immediately made a rocker, Gilmer sent a Bakerham failed in Dali District. Photo, wrote: «This moment you did.»

Obviously, he has not ended yet. After four days of Campbell, Dolphin announced that the dismissal of the hardships of defensive coordinators Kevin Coyle. This decision made by Campbell, he got the management to allow the management to change the coach group after a temporary coach on Monday. Defensive guards Wi Lu-Anarumo will take the location of Keyer.

Panthers game last week in the second-line defense group encountered no small trouble, Seahawks Panthers cornerback Robert — McLean (Robert McClain) side scored 63 yards and a touchdown, while the star cornerback Josh — Norman (Josh Norman) here also opponents scored 57 yards and a touchdown, but fortunately Luke — Ji Kuli (Luke Kuechly) stabilizing, limiting the success of the Seahawks ground.

The Cardinals game on the defensive team group completed only one quarterback sack, defensive end Robert Frost — Rocker (Frostee Rucker) 28 times rushed pass only surrendered one hit the quarterback data, it is clear Cardinals defensive line encountered no small trouble, but fortunately cornerback Patrick — Peterson (Patrick Peterson) performance is still stable, their opponents scored only anti zone 2 catches, of course, one of which is that super ball.

Cardinals offense this season, had to Tila Li — Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald), wholesale nfl Jerseys the 32-year-old veteran external hand this season, ushered in a second peak of his career, in the last week against Green Bay Packers game he completed 176 yards and a touchdown catch performance, including the 75 yards in overtime to decide the outcome of the ball. The Cardinals game on quarterback Palmer completed three touchdown passes in the performance of 349 yards, just two steals a little surprised, perhaps because the Cardinals only reason tried to run the ball 18 times , running back David — Johnson (David Johnson) had completed only 25 yards forward, obviously Cardinals ground attack next game will do a lot of adjustments.

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