Last week, Beckham was in the game with Buffalo, Boxing Pacted Preston-Brown. In this case: «I need to watch the performance of the player every game, I am not concerned about the foul behavior of him, or the boxing opponent. I think the most important thing is the player in the whole career Overall performance. «

Badler will usher in the day of the dream in Houston, and his opposition with Jones is also a ripple in the game. The Falcon has several powerful weapons at the offensive end, but Jones is definitely the top of the top. If you can successfully restrict Jones, the fight against the falcon will also be struggling, which is also two days to Badler and Patriot.

Despite this, Croomati still highly praised the performance of Beckham in the past 16 games: «This is since Randy Moss, I have seen the best 16 games.» Croomati Moss as an example, pointed out that Beckham is about to face: «Moss is often double, even 3 people, and she never complained.»

Cromman: Beckham is just a flower

In the past 16 games, the New York Giants took over Odell Beckham’s brought code of Odell Beckham led the league. But such achievements clearly unable to hit the New York jet angle Wei’an, Antonio Cromartie. When the local time was interviewed on Friday, Cromuri said: «This is only one year, Beckham is just a flower.»

Tiger cut off the attack, Cote, CD, Glen

The US time is on Friday, the official announced that Condy Glenn is cut off. Glennas will take $ 9.5 million salary space, and the tiger can now make this part of the space, don’t worry about death.

In January, Newton received the second shoulder surgery for 3 years. He was absent from the last 2 game due to shoulder injury. However, this surgery is not like the first operation of 2017. In the first surgical doctor, doctors need to repair partial tear rotating muscles, and this surgery drugs clearly lead to damage to acid pain by arthroscopy.

«Players like Ardon you are not an alternative,» Mancini said after Sunday’s training. «He has a unique ability, but one thing we focus on the defensive end is to make us more flexible tactics, and then let the players position is more flexible.»

Black Leopard quartz, Newton regression training can once again complete the long pass

Beijing July 27th, Cam Newton admitted that he could not pass the passage of the right shoulder pain, so he did 40 yards in the first training of the training camp. The passage is a positive signal for Newton.

49ers defensive coach: hard to replace capability Smith

Eric — Mancini (Eric Mangini) took over the San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator when the post of the most attractive point is that he thought he could have hands happy and healthy Ardon — Smith (Aldon Smith) played perfect attendance.

«We have always put these players in position between the left and right to move, so we will not let them have been playing in the same position,» Mancini said. «I think the defense team also has some flexibility.»

So far, Corey — Lemon Neil (Corey Lemonier) has received the most training time in the starting lineup on the right outside linebacker position Smith previously served, while rookie Eli — Harold (Eli Harold) were given up to the position the total training time. Further, Ahmad — Brooks (Ahmad Brooks) has shifted over from the left, the left case Lemon Neil moved. Also affected by a hamstring injury as well as during the offseason Aron — Lynch (Aaron Lynch).

Steel people take over Sweeze: self-confidence can become one of the best slots of the alliance

Pittsburgh Steelman has selected the exterior taken in the fourth consecutive year, but the newcomers will not prevent Ryan Switzer from trying to high expectations for the new season.

Patriot Badler realizes the dream of Alo Jones

As early as four years ago, the Patriot corner Markham-Badler has made a wish: I hope to be in the game with Hu Rio Jones, who is fighting with the falcon.

On December 22, 2012, the falcon and lions were fighting for a victory of Sunday. External hand Hurio-Jones finally completed 7 coumar, get 71 yards, 1 time to reach. At that time, Butler just ended his first season in West Alabama. After reading this game, he issued a wish to see a very far-minded wish & mdash; & mdash; I hope that the future can fight against Hu Li in the field Austrian-Jones.

Sweet will usher in the third season for steel people. In the first two seasons, he did not play an important role in the offensive group, but he felt a two-wheeled showpool-Cleep (CHASE CLAYPOOL) The arrival and Zhu Zhu-Schuster, Di Antai Johnson and James Washington not prevent him from get more opportunities this year.

When talking about the issue of alternative Smith, cheap nfl jerseys Mancini said: «You can not easily replace that level players, but we’ll find a way to do this together, for if Smith is still the only team more limited role players for they will be a great opportunity, a great opportunity. «

Newton’s healthy regression and training improves the team morale, and also makes the fans who are watching to be excited. Now, the Black Leopard has reason to believe that it can be checked in the new season.

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