Falcon runs 卫 Friedman to determine that it will not play the next gameRecently, the Atlantian Fematch lost the important firepower point in the game, the Atlanta Pollis, and the Devonta Freeman was leaving the cerebral shock.

The full-war competition skills have high requirements for their own strength. When the road is open, the first can quickly use their shoulders to open the defensive line guards, then use the hands to grasp the other defensive players opposite the opposite side to protect the body Semiry. The whole health in the ball needs to do it as much as possible to smash your own center with his own shoulder to open a road. When protecting quartz, first, if he is half-guard, he must move horizontally, and open space for the debriefing. Second, halfway should always pay attention to the situation on the front line, once the defensive players break through the offensive front line, in time before, for the four-point guard, it is generally mainly based on the blind side.

Americas Xiu Xiu four-dimensional performance is still unable to startJacksonville America Tiger has always believed that Chad Henne can become the first quarter of the team throughout the season in September. At the local time, GUS BRADLE is proven to be in the game on Friday night, it proven to be the last week of the Detroit Lion. The game against the eagle. But the new show, Bortles, Bortles, more exciting performances, make Americans face to choose difficulty.

Lightning has an annual best offensive rookie’s strong competitor, Justin Herbert, his performance is excellent before his patriots can’t behave well. Usually, such performance will keep the coach to keep work. But in contrast, Lin En’s handsome position is not stable.

The Falcon has got a game of the eighth in the eighth in the eighth game in the game, but after the 43 yards of Freman 3 times, after the brain shock, Korman and Ward were held each time Only 2.6 yards can only be rushed. Coleman lacks Fremman’s explosive power and cheap Jerseys his turn is eventually leading to the team.

The performance of the Lightning Special Series is struggling throughout the season. In the competition of the patriot, they let the patriots have completed the 70-drawn and kicks and attacking the arches and blocked and abandoned and returned to reachabited. They kicked 1 arbitrary ball shot, when they were repeated Only 10 people on the field, once more than a multi-player’s arbitrarily caused the patriot to get the first attack, and there is another way to pick up the ball, and sentenced a penalty foul and launched a foul in advance, let the patriot abandon the kick attack advance 145 code.

The Falcon has been confident to Kortan’s next match, but the Falcon offensive group is no longer like the team that rely on running over the opponent to win 6 wins and 1 negative open bureau. Falcon in three games, the restrictions need to run away from the excellent defensive front line of Viking, helping the team to terminate the defeat.

The new show has always been stable: he is a young quarter-off that can build a tacit understanding with an external connector, avoiding the defense side to press the pressure and can pass the number of codes through the pass. The stage of the preseason game is not big enough.

Botos spent 84 seconds and covered all the efforts of Botos. He launched 1 wave of 10 times attack 79 yards before the end of the half, laid the foundation for the subsequent random shot. This rookie even fell out in this process, the legendary quartz Dan Marino, he used a fake ball (Fake Spike) at an attempt to complete the pass to the battle. (Note: Dan Marino preserved the ball in the final time in the final time of the New York jet, but turned out of the ball, helping the team reversed the winning wins) He is very long in the third quarter. Time, some times encountered the defensive defense in the first half, the first half of the lion defensive 2 times smile Henney, and there were six hits. However, this year’s exploration show found the way to lead the offensive group score, with the outer hand, Allen Hurns, completed a beautiful 11-yard pass to the ball. The game was 16 shots in the whole game. 10 successfully obtained 158 yards Botos raised his preseason. The data of the preseason was raised to the 44-time passenger ball. 435 yards were 1 time, got 103.9 quartz. score.

The full-government stadium task is more complicated. The most basic is that when the start of a moment, the fastest speed rushed to the tactics set, the best characteristics of their body protection, so the biggest feature of all the health Must be large and fast. Sometimes when the offense is advanced to only 1-3 yards, it will be able to reach the chance of 1 to 1, and the team will also use the tactics of the whole health soundball. By large weight and fast rolling this maximum. what size. The whole government sometimes runs to the front to complete the ball, and the tactics generally have a more concern. In the tactics of passing, all-health needs to protect the blind side for the four-dimensional guard.

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