Next month, about to turn 28-year-old Wright past two seasons with the Lightning 27 appearances, three as a 2011 rookie season, Wright did not leave any profound impact on the fans. The outside of the defense, there is still a large gap between coverage and Kuli Fu Wright. Another data indicate that Wright was in the league last season, sent a pass interference fouls up to cornerback, a total of eight times.

In addition to sports protests, the national anthem has affected other many industries. The Times Pictorial is released in the US Time Thursday. «New Times Pictorial cover, dangerous protests, how to lead protests in the national antique ceremony.»

McCadu served as a coach at the giant for less than 2 seasons, and he was fired after the 2017 season was only sold. Before being dismissed, he gave the first four-point Wei-Manning (Eli Manning) before the competition of the Auckland, ending the latter 210 starting records. After the game, McCadu and Teer Jerry Reese were fired. In his first season he served as a coach of the giant, the team got 11 wins and 5 negative records, which were lost in Green Bay packaging in the outer card.

Vik said: «I am willing to talk to all the teams alliance, will not reject any team. I hope that I can get a chance again in 2015. I look forward to keeping the game.» Currently, the current Ke is likely to leave New York jet after the season. Whether it is Vik or Kino-Smith, I can’t satisfy the team, they hope to find a reliable and stable quadruple. Vik revealed in the interview, I hope the future can be played for Washington.

Vic: Playing the red skin is my dream

In June next year, Michael Vick will be 35 years old. Although it is no longer young, Victor still believes that he has the ability to become the main four-point guard, lead the team to advance. In this week’s interview, he issued a view on his future.

Latest Phase I Pictorial Cover Character — Colin — Katnik

One thing we have to admit that the 49-year-old San Francisco 49 people protest protested that the actions of the singing national anthem was indeed an iconic event affecting American social speech.

The Pony entered the Melan Championship last season, where they were defeated to the new England patriot 38. Entering the United States championship is the best season future of Pony in Pagano, but this week he said the defeat of this game, «Do we want to become more competitive? Of course.»

The Pony entered the playoffs in the three seasons of Pagano, although Pargano was absent in the treatment of cancer in 2012, the temporary coach of Bruce — Alians (Bruce Arians) The team management is impressive, but part of the team is only two seasons to evaluate him as the head coach. The team will use the 2015 season to continue to assess him, and Pagano hopes to bring as big as possible to the team in the 2015 season, which will enhance his value.

Pony also tried to improve the pair of squatting on the 423 yards in the past 2 degrees to make the opponent’s 423 yards, they signed Trent Cole and Kendall Langford (Kendall Langford) ). «Now this is our life,» said Pagano. «We don’t solve this problem now.»

Two insiders said that the team did not intend to continue to work with Paganan before the start of the season, this year is the last year of the four contracts signed by Pagano in 2012 to join the team.

Dreams are very full, and the reality is very cruel. With the current level of Victor, there is almost no group to give this opportunity to give this old. Victor has said that he has to have a defensive coordinator one day. Perhaps the current Vic and this dream is more close.

If Tela Mei because — Bullock (Tramaine Brock) can recover Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China injury last season, Tangta — Johnson (Dontae Johnson) can continue to progress, Wright will compete with the above-mentioned two starting cornerback position.

As a Virginian, Victor said: «That is my hometown, where playing will make me very excited. I said, I am willing to join any team of victory, but returning home is my most expectation, I The dream is to play for red skin. But I don’t like the feeling of dream break, so I don’t want to consider this. «

Michael was previously in the rest of the break and packaging, and he joined the team in November last year. It is reported that his low-cost contract only includes $ 25,000 security income. Michael conducted a total of 6 games in the packaging worker, completed 31 shots and 114 yards were 1 time, and the average of 3.7 yards per shock.

Lightning before cornerback Wright will join 49 people

San Francisco 49ers offseason did not go well, the team lost the original hair cornerback combinations in the first place — Chris Kuli Fu (Chris Culliver) and Parrish — Cox (Perrish Cox). Saturday, 49 people declared supplement a cornerback. The team and former San Diego Chargers cornerback Shali Si — Wright (Shareece Wright) on a one-year, $ 30 million contract agreement. According to reports, the terms of the contract award there is, Wright’s maximum income up to 400 million.

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