Steelman President: Trend Bronte is correct

Out of the front Pittsburgh Steel Man Runa Galrette Blount, after being tristed by the team, choose Joining New England Patriots. Today, he has worked with the new team to advance into the super bowl. In the United Federation of the final, Brandte is a millionth, and he is a 148 yard with a 3 times.

In addition to the trial of Brlare, the giant also tried to run Gould Jones, Felix Jones, the current giant’s main running Weidra-Jennings, Jennings, was running on the Trip, Wei Adrus Williams is flat.

Pleier was traded by Auckland raid to Seattle Hawks in this year’s break, but he was cut by the sea eagle before the start of the season, and he once tried in Tampawan pirates, and last week and Cleveland Brown. Contact, but eventually failed to travel.

Despite Run Guijang Bell (Veon Bell) showed a whole season, he did not hurt in the United States of America, perhaps the most critical reason for the team’s miserable. It’s hard to imagine that if Brunt is still in the team, there will be no difference. Anyway, the steel man made a decision that he thinks it is correct, Brunt also reresses the status in the patriot. Perhaps this is a good decision to 3 times.

Simpson is troubled by the external problem of Minnesota Weijing, and in July last year he was launched by a restricted driver’s license and receivable in the car, which was prosecuted in the car. . And this is already his third allegation since 2012.

Harvast is now only 27 years old. Once you have restored your health, you can still provide a non-small help for the team. Considering that the current free player market is not a few, there will be many teams to intentionally . In fact, in the early season, Harva in Harva in the season is better than the top of the team. Sammy Watkins is better. September is 75 yards.

49 people take over Saxony by the alliance

San Francisco 49 people announced in the local time on Tuesday, Jerome Simpson was banned from 6 games due to violation of alliance drug abuse policies, and 49 people have to wait until the sixth week of the regular season. The next day can put it in the activation list.

For Bronte’s outstanding play, the Steelman President Alte Rooney said that it is a correct decision to trust the player to the team: «No one wants to happen in the middle of the season, but We have to make such choices for the success of the whole season. We don’t worry that he will go when he leaves the team. We only want to ensure that the team can grow healthily, reach him. The decision is correct. We hope to use more suitable players in each position. «

Doug Whaley said in an interview last week: «According to I know, Harva is currently inclined to return. The main problem is that injury makes him unable to return to himself. The level, you have to know that players fighting in this high-level league is very clear about their physical conditions, so he is very clear that he has not reached the game level, so this makes him tangled. «

Tarier Pleier is in contact with the giant

Terrelle Pryor, who is a free player, has been in contact with the New York Giants on Tuesday. Due to the excellent physical quality of Pleier’s passage, many people believe that Pleier will change the other positions such as picking up, but Pleier said that she did not fight, this time in the giant team The trial is also entirely based on quadruplicate identity.

Perth Harva refuses to retire, will fight again

External handle, Harvin, who has been injured in the past few seasons, once considered retirement at the end of last year, but according to wholesale nfl jerseys official website, Ian Rapoport According to the report, Harvin has disappeared the end of the retired, will definitely return to the 2016 season, but he will return to Buffalo, still a question mark, alleged that there have been three teams to contact it.

Trent Baalke said in an interview: «When we signed him, he already known that he had the possibility of being banned, so he was mentally prepared. Simpson joined the team and has been carefully trained It proved that it is an excellent player. «

Message: NFL Spring Alliance will be present in 2017

US Time Thursday, the NFL Alliance announced a big news, the alliance plan to build a spring alliance in 2017, will be composed of four teams and players by the old free players.

There have been a league FXFL, which exists in 2014 and 2015, but in last year, there has been a problem with the draft of the old free player. The spring alliance is in order to let the old players have the opportunity to show their talents again, so they have the opportunity to be fed by the team. Select to enter the team’s big list.

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