Front teammate: Pierre Paul is in the best timeFormer New York Giants, Justin Tuck has been concerned about the contract of old teammates since Jason Pierre-Paul, but it seems that he seems to be with others. The contract will be completed.

Considering the Super Bowl of the defending champion Patriot 5.13 just signed him, Weldil’s retirement is a bit unfair. This offensive front line member career is a trip, the last season is a wild horse, and the first battle will play 12 games. I have previously been effective for the Palch and the raid.

List Summary: Patriot offensive Feng line member Weldier retiredBeijing May 22, according to the ESPN reporter, in 9 years of NFL, after a week of the patriots, the offensive front line participated in Jared Veldheer and decided to decline.

Although only in May, the Red Leather team has been self-righteous and can’t wait to meet the next season & mdash; & mdash; he is located. In the interview with Bleacher Report, Norman explained his unique style to his expectation with the denim, the giants, and the eagle, and also revealed his personal and dez Byrant, Odell Beckham. There is also Alshon Jeffery grievances.

Tak told reporters: «He realized his mistake in the first time. Now he is very good. He immediately ushered in his best year, I think he will succeed, as long as he is used to new rhythm, you can’t I can’t see any reason to stop him from moving in this year. «

Steelman coach Tomlin is optimistic about employing minority reward mechanismsAmong the recent rules adjustments, there is a lot of attention to the clubs, NFL or pre-adjustment of the clubs, cheap Nfl jerseys or pre-tuning, hired to hire ethnic minorities.

«For me, he did not let me shine in front of my eyes. For other people, he may be able to bully them. But you can’t bully a strong person. Do you understand what I mean? This is why his trick is not effective in me. «

After the Near Night game, Danny Trevathan, the bear wings, Danny Trevathan, gave people a deep impression. He completed 6 cockroaches and got 2 killers, and was elected to the best defensive players in the country. This two-week game looks down, saying that Chicago has NFL strongest rushing legion.

The second week of Guo Union, the best players announcedBeijing September 20th, «Two» born quarters, Patrick Mahomes and «Seconds» Completed «Fitzmagic» Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) was elected to the most Players, and these two are continuous «two» surroundings.

Steelman coach Mike Tomlin did not dispel this change, he said when participating in the show: «Usually our method is to take punishes for the team that does not interview minority candidates. This anti I have a way to give a reward method, I like it very much, I can encourage the development and hire the team. «

Maybe this is all the views of Norman. Maybe he is like a «professional football player who tends to be a second occupation», «is working hard to interfere with GRONK. Or, just like our people, he can’t wait for the beginning of the regular season.

The patriot has done a lot of «leak» attempts, some have achievements & mdash; & mdash; Corey Dillon, Randy Moss & MDash; & mdash; but some are not so successful & mdash; & mdash; Chad Johnson, Albert Haynesworth.

Brown last season for the steelman 15 games, completed 104 battles, pushed 1297 yards, reached 15 times. However, he had burst many disputes with the team, with the four-dimensional Weido, who had «like a glue,» Ben Roethlisberger, the teenage of the brothers, Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu, Schith-Schuster, «Juju Smith-Schuster Outbreak (he unilateral) mouth angle. Recently, because I don’t want to change my helmet, Brown took the raid to the bottom of the sky. General Manager Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike, the final endurance, the revision contract canceled his guarantee amount. After that, everyone knows.

Fitz Patrick is the best offensive player of the National United States, and his performance is not inferior. The 35-year-old old will complete the 33 passes, advance 402 yards, achieved 4 reaches, helping the team 27-21 to win the defending champion Philadelphia eagle. He completed the 417 yard pass in the unveiled battle, got 4 reaches, if this performance continued, a certain champion was worried about his position.

«He wants to become a tough guy, he wants to become another person. Because he is always unclear when we play» «, Norman is so scared to Dunne comment Obj,» he looks more scary. His man’s behalf abnormally They are trying to build a personality to yourself. But he is not such a person. If you make our game play back and other games, you can see his exception. «

«We know that this system is not perfect & mdash; & mdash; minority does not get enough opportunities, so we are trying to make changes. We are also trying to find the most appropriate incentive way & hellip; & hellip; I recognize now still controversial space But I like these ideas very much. «

Healthy Pierll Paul completed 16.5 times in the 2011 season, 12.5 times completed last year, he has no doubt about the pressure on the opposite dividend. And the giant also needs him to behave like this.

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