After recent reimbursement of the Rob Gronkowski season, it is not surprising to see the patriotic repair offensive group. Julian, Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan and Malcolm Mitchell, can be taken outside, but Freud makes patriots again A pass target that proves its own ball.

McCoo will be able to visit Brown, General Manager of Brown, and John Dorsey, also confirmed this message on Thursday, China. At the same time, the Black Panther and Meng Hu also are interested in McCaki.

McCay’s effectiveness of the pirates, the first 123 games, got 296 hugs, 54.5 times, and 140 quarter-shot impact. He has selected the first lineup of the year in the 2013 season, and selection of professional bowls six.

Former pirate defensive cutoff Friday visits Brown FridayBeijing May 24th Even if the Brunt’s defensive end Mags Galrett is not Gerad McCoy, the team’s defensive group is still competitive, but This does not hinder the brown management of McCooe.

This is not the only Bears offensive line need to worry about the trouble, is expected to debut a member of James — Daniels (James Daniels) and Jermaine — Yifei Di (Germain Ifedi) are also temporarily absent because of injury.

Bears offensive tackle Thai — Jenkins will undergo back surgeryOn Wednesday US time, the Bears coach Matt — within the base (Matt Nagy) announced that rookie offensive tackle Thai — Jenkins (Tevin Jenkins) will undergo back surgery today.

There were many speech to accuse the Wenz’s play, think this caused him to bear more unnecessary impact, increased injuries. Wenz said that he would try to avoid injury, but will not completely change the attack style.

Clark said in an interview: «I did not give up anything, I still drink carbonated drinks, I know I should not have done, but I drink a lot and I also ate a lot of candy, all this is part of my diet, help me It reached the level of the Cheap Nfl Jerseys from china, so I will not give up. «

As a rookie last season, he surrendered three quarterback sack of data, in order to be able to next season more accelerated rate, recently Clark 15 to 20 pounds of weight loss, but the surprise is that the weight loss at the same time he still drinking carbonated beverages, eating candy.

Within the group, he said: «Just standard procedure, will be carried out at a local hospital we had hoped to avoid surgery, tried several other treatment options The goal now is so that he can return to the regular season…»

Clark said: «I feel in the game only a few stalls ball I started to feel tired, it should be me, when I was in college when I was 260-pound continuous play 8-speed and feeling great, so I’m going back feeling of the past. «

In the training on Thursday, Vlaco and Jackson stationed occasionally talked at the scene. In the previous training, the offensive group completed a wonderful attack, Vlaco and Jackson hit the boxing celebration.

Jenkins was scheduled to serve as the Bears starting left tackle, but he missed training because of a back injury after the start of training camp. Prior to starting small Charles — Leno (Charles Leno Jr.) was cut in May, the Bears trading up to select Jenkins, his own second-round pick, signed three and six signed to the Panthers, he won five and signed each other’s second-round pick.

Vlaco repeatedly stressed that he didn’t pay attention to his future. «When you pick a quadrant or any player in the first round, this has a certain meaning,» Fraco said. «I don’t know what this means. I don’t know what this is clear. But my job is not worried about this means. My work continues to keep the work in the past 10 years and help the team win.»

The Freud, who is about to become a free player after the end of this season, hopes to save the trouble-beterfish in the 2016 season in the patriot, and he is the lowest in the number of counsels (33 times) and the number (446 yards) this season. However, his boller has reached a new career.

According to the Arizona Media, the Player was not satisfied with Freud was cut off. And his front teammate Larry-Fitzgerald said that he received a call from other team general manager and coach consulting Freud’s ability.

In an interview, Wenz said that the front cross-crossed ligament of the tear is still recovery. He said: «Rehabilitation is very good. Although it doesn’t mean, it is also very important, sometimes it will be very painful, but now everything goes smoothly. I am very confident, the goal is the first week of the first week.»

If the crow cuts Fraco after the 2018 season, they can save $ 10.5 million salary space, and if they cut off or trade after June 1, 2019, they can save $ 18.5 million salary space. If they cut him after the end of the 2019 season, they can save $ 20.25 million salary space.

«As a player, I will continue to learn progress in your career.» Wenz said, «When you look at the video, some impact does avoid it, so I know how to reduce the loss. But on the other hand, I will not Repress yourself, I believe you can return to the stronger look. I missed the playoffs and the super bowl to give me motivation, I will try to make myself better. «

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