A city of Texas spent 62.8 million US gold construction high school football court

US time Saturday, Texas’s Macini City passed a vote, they will allow a high school American football court with a total value of 62.8 million dollars, more than 12,000 seats.

Although McKini is the most expensive coup, it is only 5 miles, there is a race of 60 million US dollars, 18,000 seats. Currently, in accordance with construction, the McKini Stadium will be open in 2017.

Louisiana University Rugby main coach shoot funny advertisement

Les Miles, you can record your life into a true show. The Louis Anna State University (LSU) is recently done in an advertisement, he is best at, ok, probably the second good, grazing.

Voting on Saturday determined that the city will use 50.3 million US dollars as a racket expenditure in the latest 200 million US dollars, and the remaining 12.5 million US dollars have been spended in the city’s 2000 local debt costs.

The proximal front Martruce — Bennet announced retirement

On Friday, US Time, Martellus Bennett released a decommission statement on the twitter, and he will then put all the body and mind into the multimedia company «The Imagination Agency».

Thomas has previously faced 49 people and the experience of superbweed for the Seattle Hawks. Currently, 9 wins and 2-losing crows can continue to prove that they are the best teams through defeat countries. Thomas’s team has already played the performance of the superbell team. They have won 7 games, and the net wins (184 points) ranks first, including defeating new England Patriots and Hawks. Convincing. victory.

In the 10 years, Bennet has worked for five teams. As a rookie from the Texas Ranchu University, he was taken away by the denim in 2008. After 4 years of work in cowboy, he worked at the giant for a year, and later worked for the bear team for 3 years.

Bennet ushered in the 2016 season. With the new England Patriots, Tom Brady and the near-end Edge Robsky have greatly improved his attack power. He completed 7 reachaes, and he also won the super bowl of championship. He signed a contract with the packaging in the 2017 season, but he was fired in the middle of the season. Bennet quickly contracted with the patriots, but only 2 games will enter the injury reserve list.

Miami Dolphins and External Threads Makim Gran set off for about 4 years

Beijing August 21, Nfl Jerseys in the first year of the new coach Brian Florez, Miami dolphins is already planning for the future. They ensure that Jakeem Grant will become part of the future of the team.

Grant has been a trump card in the past three seasons. He completed 59 abandoned attacks, 58 kicks were rebounded, and a total of 3 times, which got 2 times last year. In the past two years, the role played in the offensive group has also increased, and he completed 34 shots to get 471 yards 4 times.

The injury that was originally led to the absence of Reid was toe fracture, but returned to the legs and hip issues. Since Reid enters the Alliance, there is no complete a season, but the efficiency of his health is also obvious.

«You think 49 will enter the super bowl? It may be true, let us wait,» Thomas said. «We will play and make the best performance as much as possible. When the super bowl begins, no matter who our opponent is, they will have trouble.»

And 49 people have just gathered in the country of leader in Lianbei District leader. In fact, 49 people and crows have won at least 28 points before the winning rate before this competition, which is the first time, two teams have achieved such achievements before handing. Both teams are scored and prevented from ranking the top five in terms of alliances.

The new four-point guards Alex Smith does not lack the experience of work together with the neighborhood, as long as the remedy can stay healthy, the cooperation between the two is worth looking forward to.

Red-skinned Terminal Yordan — Reed Acceptance Toe Surgery

The red skin coach Jie Jie-Grunette is clear, and the proximal frontan reed is present, the team offensive performance can be more upstairs. The problem is that the health of Reid does not guarantee that he has been present.

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