Saint coach Sha En-Penon is too dissatisfied with the mistake

Taysom Hill won the first position, Jameis Winston, contributed to the team for the first time. But these two have not avoided the conversion of the ball, wholesale nfl jerseys but also let the saints end up 14-17 will lose the crow.

The performance of Fitz Patrick is very good, the left side of Laremy Tunsil said: «He is undoubtedly a leader, and everyone pays attention to him. He said & lsquo; I am thinking here, everyone will look at it, listen to him. He has leadership, and everyone is also respectful. «

The previous 49 people renew the five-year contract with Eric Armstead, while the Pony provided new annual salary provided by Bakner reached US $ 21 million. Since 49 people still need the salary space to win George Kittle, Bakner is destined.

When the fans urgently want to ensure that they can watch the 8 games that Braddy played in the new season, they will encounter this information: «You are already in the queue. Due to a lot of demand, you may need Longer waiting time. Once you arrive at the forefront, you can start buying tickets. «The number of people waiting for purchase is once more than 2,900 people.

Fitz Patrick is slightly better in the four-point guard competition in the dolphins.

Beijing July 26, the first day of the Dolphin Training Camp, the quarter gitzpatrick is temporarily leading in the first competition.

Rosen said: «Although it is not good, my end is not weak. I think the key is to adapt to new teammates, new attack, new environment, etc. At least tomorrow will definitely be better than today, we have no problem.»

Pony with the first roundabout transaction to get 49 people defensive

US time is reported on Monday, according to ESPN reporters, 49 people will defore the DEFOREST BUCKNER to send to Pony, in exchange for the first round of the first round of the first round.

Robinson outside the bear: Who is self-confidence

Allen Robinson’s contract has entered the last year, and if the influence of new crown epidemics, cheap nfl jerseys from china the two sides should negotiate the heavenly negotiations. Since the epidemic may lead to a reduction in the revenue next season, it will affect the wage cap setting, and most teams have suspended the contract negotiation.

Robinson said: «Honestly, I think no matter who I have a self-confidence. I want to see what the coach wants to see, this is not to let me decide. & Hellip; & hellip; they want to pick out the whole attack The whole team of the whole team. And I am just a small piece in the puzzle. «

However, Robinson is not worried about this, he told reporters: «The completion of the event will be completed. This is a team between the team and my broker. I personally say & hellip; & hellip; honestly, I don’t I am too worried. I still look forward to the 2020 season, very excited. I am ready, no matter what happens. «

Robinson is the most stable offensive weapon in the bear team in the past two years. He joined 98 times last season, and the 1147 yard was promoted, reached 7 times. At present, the bear team is still uncertain to Mitchell Trubisky, or Nick foles.

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