«You listen to my brother,» I didn’t change anything. «Ingram said,» I often share the ball with two, or even three people. I know that we may dig treasures from the draft or free market, now this possibility I didn’t disappear. I know what to happen, so I don’t feel unexpected. I don’t care who joins the team, no matter where I am, who works, I will work hard and do the best yourself. «

Gronoski Canon Booms Safety: I lost him out of the field

In last week, the new England patriots take 42-20 victory in the competition of the Indianapolis, the patriots near the front of Rob — Gronkowowski and Xiao Mavan Selgio-Brown (Sergio brown) conflicts. In the Jonas Gray completed the one-time attack of the 4th shocked ball of the individual single, Gronoski has launched Brown.

After Sanchez replaced him, played a very stable, and people saw the ace quad-saving sanctuary in the South. But recent opportunities in several games and the global momentum will bring him back to brutal reality.

Ingram won his first Qianzhu game last year, and his contribution to Alabama is different from Alabama. Saint Patho, Sean Peyton, once said Peterson’s role «very clear», Engram seems to be worried about reducing his own buse.

In fact, Gronoski and Brown have dualistic effect on patrigoes during 2010 and 2011. But the two do not leave the front teammates. In the competition, the behavior of Gronoski was sentenced to 15 yards. The Alliance will study details in recent days to decide whether to fined penalties.

According to the official cheap nfl jerseys from china Network correspondent said the two sides on a two-year, $ 4 million contract agreement. During the validity Redskins, Nikita running back on the bench most of the time, but he has maintained a high efficiency after the play. Last season, Nikita average of 8.5 yards every time the ball can win, his excellent catch ability making it one of the best running back in the league for a short screen pass tactics.

The conflict of the two can be described by a thin word in the movie «The Blind Side»: «It is time to go home.» Afterwards, Gronoski also gave his behavior at the time. Explanation: «He has been talking nonsense in my ear. So, cheap jerseys I decided to lose him out of the field.» The disputes of the two continue to the field from the field, after hearing Gronoski explained, Another party Brown also did not retreat, he said he did not fear his opponent on the network social platform.

Before the start of the regular season, the Cardinals cut 38-year-old kicker Jay — Felli, leaving rookie Chandler — Catanzaro, while rookie with the actual performance proved correct choice of the Cardinals coaching staff . So far kick 18 penalty 17, just this week against the Rams lost more than a long-range free-kick 50 yards; measure the value of a kicker is also the basis of their performance in terms of kick-off, and so far 50 times kickoff back matrix 32, the average position of the opponent’s attack starting pressure of 19.5 yards this side. Catanzaro performance called this season the league’s best kickers.

The end of last season, Raiders running back has said it will focus on the new season, Davis Lata — Murray (Latavius ​​Murray) to develop tactics. Helu will join the team to provide more choices. On the other hand, the Raiders still did not give up the chase on the free market at present the most outstanding offensive player: former Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco — Murray (DeMarco Murray).

According to local broadcast reports, due to the resumption of Hols’s clavicle returns to 70%, he will not be able to play in the last two regular sessions. And if he wants to play this season, he can only hopes that the two games in Sanchez in the next two games will be hitting the game.

What kind of team is the great football team? In my opinion, the coach can take the more than 50 kinds of a big man, according to the established tactical system; each player is a player, decisive, focus, and willing to share the player, such a combination It is the qualities that the great team should have. But people are not machines, there is a character, there is a state fluctuation, so such a football team does not exist. But everyone now look at this red bird in front of you, isn’t it very close to this ideal? Coaches have their own unique systems, but the team is not only two groups of attack and defense, but even there is no significant shortcoming in the special team, such a team is a team that tends to be perfect.

Former Rayt, Bauers, is an extremely radical coach, but Bowersby is more crazy, and the use of raids is more frequent, and he is also very experienced, Buchanon, horse. Repair, Croomati has developed under his hand. The reheatability of the prollant defensive lattice is the top level of the league, and it can even see the style of the season. All everything is attributed to the management of Bauce. Governance.

The eagle Falls clavicle injury is only recovering 70%.

Despite the abnormalities in the top-term competition in Liandong District, Sunday, the Maark Sanchez mainly four points, Mark Sanchez, will continue to start the first two games, because the team’s number one quartz is Haknik-Fu Nick foles still did not recovery.

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