Analysis: Whether it is a cut-off or a stront, it is necessary to reinforce the reinforcement, which is necessary to improve. It is also necessary to give priority to the need to make the defensive frontline more destructive, and should also consider an income of a security guard with coverage.

As the Packers will play in next week’s truce, and therefore does not require Union Packers update the player’s injury situation this week, so the team can maintain the confidentiality of the five week training status Rogers Saturday. Coach Mike — McCarthy (Mike McCarthy) intends to use these two training time to do some basic exercises, to pave the way for the start of next week targeted training.

Although the alliance has not not made more description, many reports confirm that Renne will not receive additional fines. Packaging workers near the MARTLUS BENNETT) was a fine of $ 9115 due to the push-to-seek KJ Wright, and the Nette explained that he thought Wright in Alon Rogers. Aaron rodgers still hit him after flying, his intention is to protect teammates.

Analysis: Jay Carter’s contract is greatly dive, which is likely to lead to his departure. The Xiong team used the previous one of the previous rounds of drafts to defensive frontline, and now they must strengthen the second line of lineup. I look forward to Chicago enhances their offensive front line depth.

O’Brien is smart enough to know that sometimes it needs to be as appropriate. A full residence period video and data make him feel that Haoye is more suitable for quartz, but the game is less than 60 minutes, let him change his idea. So sometimes you have to go through it.

Texas people coach told the new four-point guardian mentality

Texas Coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) is very satisfied with the current status of the team’s four-point guards. «He is a very decisive player», O’Brien said on Thursday for the new quarter-free Ryan Malete, «Ryan Mallett», «Let’s go, put it flat, then do four points.»

As a decision of a new show, Gray’s career is not smooth, but the game with the Indianapolis horses last season makes him a famous battle. In the US union final, Gray held 37 times, the squat 201 yard, and contributed 4 times. However, this original meritorious running guard was discarded by Bill Belichick because of his training attitude.

Get rid of the old habits and get the ball faster to help Griffin win Brown’s first quarter-off position. There are very few quarter-saving capabilities to change their play style on the career. Griffin is amazing as a four-dimensional guard in the manufacture of dangerous manufacturing of quartz guards in 2012. He is difficult to win the game in the protection net.

Rogers or difficult to participate in normal training this week

Despite this week’s holiday for up to three days, but Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron — Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) can not guarantee ready to do a good job training the team in Friday collection. Rogers said Tuesday that he has accepted the relevant treatment, but it may not be possible in normal training next week.

Griffin is worthy of training with passage coaches like Hothshaus. This shows that his weight began to exercise the wishes of the basic skills of the half body and the lower body, and RG3 is poor in this regard after returning Cheap Jerseys from china the injury.

Analysis: Bill may seek a right trip after experienced this season. Their external connections may flow into the free market, so this location also needs to be reinforced. Whether it is a security guard or a corner, Bill is not too much. And if Terol is not returned, Bill is clearly needed to come to a new quarter.

Jerry Mi Riene will not receive additional fine

Haiying’s Jeremy Lane was taken out of the game in the game for the war package, because when the referee thought he was in the upper half of the game, the boxing of the packaging industry Hands of Vante — Adams (Davante Adams).

Dolphins announced Gray to sign into training lineup

Former New England Patriot Jonas Gray quickly found a new job, according to NFL official website reporters reported that Miami dolphins were signed with Gray on Tuesday, the latter will enter the training lineup of dolphins . This originally considered a young running guard who sent a patriot to send a strong candidate, unexpectedly encountered.

Rogers insisted on Sunday wounding the game with the Detroit Lions, helping the team to a crucial victory. Rogers said: «I love my training team, they always provide the information I need to work out great for me and the treatment plan, although we all know that means a lot of treatment, but they can remind me what the situation is Short-term or long-term recovery favorable. «

However, the playback of accidents did not show Renne’s clear boxing action, which also made the referee criticized the decision of Rayne. Haiying’s coach Pitt Carroll is one of the critics. He said that he «anxiously» waiting for the alliance to explain the judgment.

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