Rosrisberg injured the elbow in the second week of regular season last year, and thus reimbursed season. He participated in Monday training, and the team officially released a short video, showing the ball and hand of Rosrisberg.

Vanatiyerri missed the previous game of pirates, and he was injured in the training camp. Vanatiyeri will spend most of the seasonal time spending on accelerating rehabilitation, and the final effect is not satisfactory.

Michael Thomas is expected to break the number of single-season

After 15 weeks, the Saint-Enthusiastic THOMAS has completed 133 bolts. As long as he can complete 11 battles in the next two games, you can break the number of games in Marvin Harrison Harvin Harrison (143), as long as 4 times can surpass Julio Jones and Antonio Brown (136) became the second.

Pony kick hand Vetteeyeri accepts knee surgery, season reimbursement

US Time Monday, according to ESPN reporters, Pony kicker Adam Vinatieri left knees will receive surgery. Pony has added him to the injury reserve list.

In addition, as long as the ball is completed again, Thomas can surpass Antonio-Brown, the number of bispies (265). Thomas was 159 times this season, the success rate (83.6%) was also the second high since 1992, second only to himself (85%).

«I like the performance of us last season,» Tamnel said in the station. «Players in the array and I want to return. We will look at what will happen. Obviously, this depends on the last two weeks here. There will be a lot of repeated negotiations will determine our situation. We are waiting, No matter what happens, this will be exciting for two weeks. «

Giant is considering the trading line Wei Divile-Vernon

Beijing March 2, US Time, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport and Mike Garafolo, Wholesale Jerseys the giant is considering the trading line Wei Orville The feasibility of Olivier Vernon.

Three years ago, the giant’s contract with Fernon signed a $ 85 million in a $ 55 million. Although Ferrus’s performance is very stable, such a large contract seems to be a little bit. In the past three seasons, Fu Nong played 49 games, completed 22 kills, 319 hugs. Due to an ankle injury, Frongen has absent 9 games in two years.

Cot also denied anything wrong: «I think I have a firm relationship with Winston, I have never questioned this, but this is just my opinion. I know that we are between What happened. I am most concerned about our team. «

Rosrisberg passed the ball in Hengshu Stadium, a 9-yard connection with James Conner. After the two gears were attacked, Rosrisberg was injured after passing the ball, and was replaced by Mason Rudolph. Supreme Rosrisberg was added to the injury reserve list and was subject to surgery at the end of September.

Thomas only had less than a game in this season, and there has been no two consecutive games in two consecutive games in 2018, and it should be very hopeful. This year, he once brought the ball at least 10 times.

«This is a distracted news that this will appear after we show it.» Winston talked about the previous report, «I firmly believe in the coach and player. If you read today, I didn’t play the ball I have 3 mistakes. «

«First, I have to declare that my relationship between my coach is very good. After walking into the stadium, we have the same goal & mdash; & mdash; that is to win the game. So other people may report it. Winston said.

There is a keyword in this transaction that cannot be noted: Titan introduced Tam Hill is a dilemma that is unattended in the team in the first quasi-Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcha. But the poor performance of Mario Tag will soon let Titan decided to change the first quarter-off. Titan has made breakthroughs.

Titan has some other questions to be resolved, including deciding whether to renew the marrique of Derrick Henry. But they also need to consolidate the four-guard position. Although Tam Hill does not rely on his own passed forward, his performance is enough to win the foundation for the team.

Now, Tamnel once again faces a break full of uncertain factors, he doesn’t know which team is played in the new season. However, after the experience of last year, Tannell is quite calm. «Don’t try to expect or worry that you can’t control things. Now just waiting at this time.»

This season, the pirate record slipped to 4 wins and 9 losses, the team’s best defensive front line Gerard McCoy may also suffer seriously. After this week, the pirate has identified the playoffs. If Winston and Curt are lasting in the last three weeks, the pirate management may make changes.

There are two years left by Fernon contract, with a basic salary of more than $ 30 million. The hands of the rushing hands have been very fragrant, but there are also many best choices in the free market and draft this year, such as Tre Flowers, Frank Clark, Preston — Smith (Preston SMITH), Ezekiel Ansah; Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, Rashan Gary, German-White (Devin) WHITE).

Pirates Quartz Wei Wanton denied that the head coach is not

Before the start of this week, NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Tampa Bay Pirates Quartz Weijamis Winston and the head coach Dedkote (Dirk Koetter is not.

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