Although this season’s packaging workers open the game with a winning party, let the fans feel unusual. But the data shows that the package work has been three consecutive years. Rogers can’t behave like a MVP as in the past. During the competition of the Lion last week, Rogers 65.8’s quarter-branch collections were only in the League 17th, 62.7% of the passage success rate and only one of the squares of 25, 6.8, can only be row to No. 23 . Rogers’ career four-point guards were divided into 104.6, but this season has only 95.1 in this season. After 2008, his season score has no lower 101.2.

External taken A.j. Green said that I still want to stay in the tiger

Tiger outer pickup A.j. Green (A.j. Green) is not satisfied with your current performance, but he hopes to continue to stay in Tiger.

In order to give Lewis out of vacancy, the American Tiger team took the injured new show, Allen Robinson, put it in a list of injuries in the season. Robinson lost to the Darlas Deni team on November 9th.

The 30-year-old Lewis has been taking a break after the second week of the ankle, and after a half of the time before, I got 8 battles 106 yards and a achievement. Lewis will fill the slot vacation of Robinson to a certain extent, and Robinson took 48 passes before the injury received 548 yards.

Green was leaving on the Sunday game, he was in the past 2019 season because of his ankle injury. During the session season, Green and Tiger failed to talk to the head of the year, and the contract was signed a year of 18.2 million US dollars.

In the game of 49 people, Kevin Johnson is responsible for the guard against Macchies — MARQUISE GOODWIN. Gu De Temple completed a 40-yard ball process, Johnson’s body was against flexing, and the posture of the ground was thus affected, resulting in brain shock.

Part of the defensive group, has established a defensive defender in the last season, but it is not strong to seek a horn lock, but the safety and defense. I have to let this four rounds of Shi Fengte — Madoque enters the first lineup, and with the near future, the other two corner Wanjun Mills and Sidney Jones injury, the team can only Last year, the new Xiu Terre-Salvin and last year’s three-wheeled songs, the players who have a limited ability to defect, unless the eagle rush is pressed in place, otherwise the opponent is quad-saving in no pressure. Steady out of the ball, the eagle defender will be exploded. And the defensive guard personnel shortage, the star strong Marcom — Jenkins did not dare to stick to the defensive front line. Last season, the eagle defensive group can make nearly two ball translations, and the eagle now produces only 3 times, 4 CDs, team manufacturing ball translation in the league countdown fifth.

In summary, although the team star players are still there, and the competitive status remains good, but the whole team has a key player in almost every dimension. It is unable to debut because of the injury. The overall power of the team will inevitably fall. The injury is the largest road to the defending champion.

In the future, Pedson and Wenz this will lead this team for many years for the combination of handsome, around this to rebuild the handsome combination, next year, Branden-Glaham, Ronald Darby and Gordon Tatti will become a free player, in the case of a salary space, a large pile of old will hide the big contract, let us see the general manager Haoy Rosman can change? Magic.

In the weapon, although after getting Gordon-Tatt, coupled with Jeffrey, Agolol and Jordan — Matthews have four reliable pick-up hands, plus close-end positions Zach Z and Dallas-Goldt, the eagle’s weapon is equally luxurious, the team cannot make «five pick-up» array in each attack, and the biggest shortcomings in the above six people are in addition to Jeff In addition, the remaining five people are more comfortable in the slot operation, and there is no one in them to take the speed of the opponent’s deep defense like Torre, Smith, this year’s break, Mike Cheap jerseys From china Laser was in the second week of tidental fracture, which means that the eagle is now in the lineup, no one pulls defense, but I want to wear a short pass on the slot, which makes the last season of eagle averaged 4.9 times. Long biography, this season is much more than last season, but only 4.5 long passes. It’s been less than a small, it’s slow to play, once Wenz has a good feeling, it will catch it.

After picking up the No. 15 sign, Jerry Jeudy, the wild horse has chosen K.J. Hamler (K.J. Hamler) in the wild horse again. Three-wheeled Sigid Royd Cushenberry is expected to be a new center, four rounds are used to choose Albert Okwuegbunam, a 40-yard sprint score 4.49 Close-edge.

John Elway, General Manager, said: «My feelings are, in order to have enough strength to compete, give Dru, give us a successful opportunity to give us a successful opportunity & hellip; & hellip; we need to add some high-speed weapons, increase Talent, explosive power. This is also the reason why we decide such a draft. Last year, the defensive group performance is very good. We will continue this year, but it is necessary to strengthen the explosive power and speed of offensive. «

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