As the currently related to 1 or 2 teams move to Los Angeles, the Alliance has found a new venue in Los Angeles and found a temporary home. The Los Angeles Times reporter Sam Farmer shared a interesting message: «There is a problem that NFL holds the team of Los Angeles: Dodge Stadium may become a temporary home.»

Xiao Ma coach Lake: Respect the starting running 卫马龙 — MikeAfter continuing to reinforce the two ends of the attack and defense, the Indiana Polis Pony is one of the most worthy of the team in the new season.

Because the team’s price of Brids, he myself plus the history of Rak, Brid, still has a very high value of Pony. Transactions When he will mean that the Pony is forced to find a lower attractive old quarter-offs as a Rak’s substitute.

The St. Louis ram made people unexpected things & mdash; & mdash; they defeated Denver Musab with 22-17. When the competition goes to the ram 13 to 0, we seem to think that the game has not ended yet, because this season is this rhythm:

Obviously, will Manning and his partners will eventually reverse the game? The result is not the case. The game, the wild horses have never been approached to the red area of the other party, Manning is killed 3 times, and the bottom is once.

You can call them to Cardiac Kids (children’s disease support organization), there is no doubt that their game is a strong agent of fans. Because their fans waited for 14 years, I can finally see here my team again entered the playoffs.

«The starting players who return to certain have inherent respect,» Lake said. «This is my view of my distance …. I look at the two people at the same time. The trend of the development of the alliance and the trend of the importance of role players have made this plan running guards. In San Diego When I was lightning, we did this in Danny Woodhead. He is not a starting running guard, he is & lsquo; role playing & rsquo; starting player. His role is very important. He completed 80 batches in one year. You will look at the players such as Nixim — Heins. We have been talking about Malone and Jonathan, but Namim? He is a very good three-speed running guard, he will play an important role. From some aspects For it, he is a first player. He is a role playing. «

The voice of the Auckland raid is the highest, and they are the only team with the MLB team sharing a venue, and that site is not very suitable for the rugby game. The team’s boss Mark Davis said it is a «tragedy», he has been planning to move to San Antonio, Los Angeles or other cities. After speculating the head of Dennis Allen, looking for a new beginning, it seems to go to Los Angeles a biggest possible possible.

Brigami specially understood the current situation, and he had no complaints for the horses again. «I won’t complain anything, I feel a blessing. I have a good job, I can bear my own bill, my family is very good, I have passed very well. I think those may be in soon. What happened in the future is stupid, I will not do this. «

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Lake with 3 excellent running guards obviously wants to let them rotate in the new season. Their appearance time will allocate should depend on the training camp and the initial competition in the season. In any case, Pony should be satisfied with the depth of the runoff position.

Obviously the protocols’ defensive groups are firm in the last moment, and their offensive group also played outstanding, the alliance did not have a second team with the performance of the rule. Derek Carr is definitely a good performance of the team’s four-point guards.

Continuous report: Dodge Stadium is expected to be a common venues in Los AngelesFor Los Angeles, there have been no NFL teams for 20 years, but this situation has chance to change in the next 1-2 years.

In 2017, Brevents, the first battle of the Indianapolis pillars, due to the reimbursement of Andrew Luck, and Brid. The latter proves that even if there is not much support for the offensive end, it is 52 times, and he still has the ability to lead the offensive group forward.

Super bowl week, NFL football APP ten times point feedback users!On February 4th, Beijing time, the Los Angeles of the National Union Champion Los Angeles will be in the 53nd Super Bowl of New England Patriots. If the ram gets a super bowl of champion, young Tod-Galley and Jarry Garder will receive the first super bowl in life; if the patriot is holding a super bowl, Braddy will get rid of the last opponent, become NFL history is only a player who takes 6 super bowls as a player.

As a high-quality, sports ability, you can pass any kind of pass and have a first experience, Brids will undoubtedly be the goal of continuing quarters. Unfortunately, he is still in the same contract with the pony, and now he is entering the last year of the rookie contract.

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