The crow is good, and the steel people have a bright spot away.NFL’s first game in the second week, in the local time on Thursday, Beijing time on Friday 8:30 am. Pittsburgh Steelman challenged the Bar’s Mosa Crow. In the end, the crow 26-6 sitting at the home is completely pressed, and the results of the two teams are 1 win 1 win.

Relaxing mentality Patriot cancels Saturday trainingNew England Patriots ended their preparations for the 49th super bowl, and Bill Belichick believes that the team has completed the task in 3 training held in the Arizona Hellsho Training Square.

Titan coach is not full of performances in Chinese and foreignTennesi Titan main coach Ken Whisenhunt has recently been very dissatisfied with the performance of the team, especially Justin Hunter in the performance of the Darlas denim. In the video released on Tuesday night, Witcond expressed this view.

No matter how much time JPP is played, the giant urgently needs a defensive hand like him. The giant is ranked in the union at the union of the number of kills, the total defensive code and the pass defense.

«Justin is not good last week. I think he has fallen into some difficulties. He should receive the ball in the long transmission of the sidewalk. We have a look forward to him, we look forward to him to become the best external connector of the league. He In the training, many such balls have been completed, and he will face a lot of opportunities in the game, he must work hard to complete them.

Billych later decided to cancel the training on Saturday. «We will hit the head, the whole team shoots Zhang Zhao,» Bilipk talked about the arrangements for Saturday after relaxing but dull training on Friday.

Which ball will fly in the game, I can only say that I don’t know. This depends on the team’s play and tactics. On Monday, we opened a meeting, I told them not good enough in the game. I have always thought that the outer step is the advantage of the team, and Hunt is an important role in this advantage, but he is still too young. He must learn to grow, and understand this project, including the strength in the training, the strength in the game, and various details. His current growth is also an incentive, I am very pleased to see these. Just just so far, he needs to grow faster, in order to become more successful. «

49 people are looking for California outside the training place Cowbur is still planned to hold training camps in California, 49 people, raid people, lightning and raw are also planned to hold training camps in California.

Last week, JPP signed a one-year year, including a large number of bonuses, a contract with a maximum of $ 8.7 million. It is reported that these bonuses depends on whether JPP can play 7 games. Return to the game in the next game means he has 8 games to complete this goal.

It is unclear that JPP will have a few appearance time in the next game, and it is not clear whether the giant will control his appearance time. Steve Spagnuolo said this week that JPP should not be regarded as the savior of the giant defensive group.

Both parties have determined the efficiency of offensive at key 3 files. From the fourth quarter, Steve Smith showed excellent, and several times a few times to bring the team offset to the steel man’s 5-yard line. Fortunately, Wholesale Jerseys this steel man’s defensive position, the crow can only choose one 23 yard free kick. Bibli 20-6, the steel person retains the possibility of winning the winning. Unfortunately, the steel man offensive group once again wasting the opportunity, Heath Miller flicked under Dali Smith and C.J. Mosley c.j. Mosley flicked. The crow begins directly from the Red Area, but whether Pierce or Pita can not complete the reachable, the last Tuck 22 is shot, and the 3rd any ball score of this site. 23-6, the crow will once again.

The crow is based on the road, and after completing 3 gear transformations, Joe Flacco completes a 4-speed 1 code conversion through his own run. Subsequently, Flak came to Torre Smith in the 26 yard from the end area, the passing of Torrey Smith, but the steel man is sanratate — Allen Allen, was sentenced to the ball. The crow gets the first work at the 1 yard. After that, Flak defrauded defensive with fake movements, found unfailed Owen-Daniels in the end area. At the end of the first quarter, the crow is 7-0 leading.

Encuvi did not participate in the June mandatory mini training camp after the renewal of its renewal. He has previously participated in some breaks during training but then decided to tend to get the wanted big contract.

But California is the first region forced to be home to the home isolation, and it is also likely to be the last area that allows group activities. Therefore, these five teams need to prepare emergency programs.

Lynch said: «Be sure to prepare for Wan Quan. The current epidemic contains too many unknown, change every day, so we must do a good preparation. We are actively contacting the State Government and local governments, trying to get as much as possible information.»

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