The red rickets have been determined for the playoffs. They will meet the New York Giants at home at home. He gave the whole 14 years to the red bird. He said that he will not have any difference between the game.

During the University, From is also a wind in the SEC East District. He has the leadership capabilities required by the team, the spirit and excellent personality, the decision-making capacity on the court, and the movement of the pocket and the passage of the pockets is better. He was in the university for three years, and he has accumulated a lot of experience. He passed the ball to advance 8236 yards, reached 78 times, and was copied 18 times.

The crow and Yang Xue in February last year were about 3 years, and the contract was 25.8 million US dollars. At that time, he made him the highest salary of the alliance. When you are healthy, Yang’s performance is excellent, and 36 hugs have been obtained in the 2018 season, 2 times kill, 1 copy, 5 times destroyed the ball and twice to rush back to attack the ball.

When I saw this tweet, Preskot was laughed: «I certainly mentioned him at the time, this is just a very fun thing, I think he will not misunderstand, then I am a fan. You can go to the twitter of our university fans, they may also say this at some point in time, we are all fans. «

«From the computer, he is very healthy,» the crow defense coordinator Don-Martindale said. «He said that he returned to health. He is ready to train. Thai is ready to return, if he tells me that I am ready to play, I believe in him. He will prepare the number, so I am excited.»

But the injury is the biggest pain in the first four-wheeled show. Yang in the 2017 holiday training, the knee, the knee, the knee, torn, leading to the reimbursement of his season. In the 2018 season, he endured sports and adhered to the appearance, but still absent the playoffs and had to accept surgery during the offset period. Then he reimbursed again in 2019.

However, he also gave a reply that many people were surprised when he was asked and career planned. He said that he would want to enter the top ten in the Wholesale nfl jerseys history, but he is not sure you will fight so long. Ball. He is currently planning to stay with his family ten years later.

«George — Vante is really sad.» Carol said, «Too unfortunately, he made so many contributions and merits & hellip; & hellip; everyone will support him, helping him to recover. But his knees injury It is necessary to receive surgery, which will be more troubled this season. «

Vante is the former university basketball player, last year as a decision with the Hawks, almost zero-based, he became the left truncation of the Haiying. The Hawks believe that he has the potential of a sharp line back.

Meers — Galt: If you can’t become a champion, please «punish» Brown

At present, Dezhou Agricultural Machinery University’s defensive end Myles Garrett has not been disputeously became the most popular people selected this year’s draft. If Cleveland ozakantalya.Com Brown eventually didn’t use the letter to pick Galt, then this will make countless people to fall.

He actually asked questions that Brown should use the letter to pick him, he gives a very good answer, but his answer is obviously a «threat» meaning, especially if Brown finally decided The champion is selected to pick a quadrant.

And if Brown doesn’t do this, Galt will use his own performance with his own performance in the next decade. When receiving an ESPN interview, Galt said that if Brown does not make him a champion, then he will «punish» at each time in the next decade, «punishment» them and «kill» their quarterfield.

One of the reasons why From market is declining is the unstable performance of the 2019 season. In addition, there are also questions about his upper limit, physique and arm. Compared to stabilizing the first, From is more likely to be a top substitute in NFL.

«Because I will get the team from the first day. I will not get any trouble. I will only complete the defense and bring a good atmosphere to the team,» Galt said. «I will lead the team from now on. If you don’t use the champion to pick me, I will punish you in the next ten to twelve. I will kill your quarter when you face you. Wei, no matter whoever became the champion, I will defeat him. «

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