Previously, Mrman judges demanded that both parties met to solve this, the last time was on Tuesday, he asked the two sides to have more «goodwill» discussions. He arranged for the second time I heard the results of both parties next Wednesday. If both parties have not negotiated solutions, he was requested by both sides asking for a ruling before September 4.

After losing the ace, the foreigners of the package worker were not optimistic, but the team in the country has not taken the team, currently as «the general of the elf» still has The psychological advantages of defeating the enemy of the same partition. Although the replacement four points Webit — Hendell’s performance is bad, the rookie runs to Alon — Jones outbreaks, at least let the packwork seem to be so embarrassing in the attack, the 7th week Jones ran out of the new high-tech new high 131 The code and 1 shinkle reachable, his existence did help the packageman in the offensive end. Is it a lot of Rogers everywhere?

The 3-win-4-negative Detroit Lion is still not able to perform in the National District partition, and the four-point guards — Stafford faces the steelman last week, which is the 8th single field of his career. The pass number of passed is more than 400 yards; in the three controvers in the two teams, Stafford has passed the 952 yards, 7 times the group and 2 times of copy, although the personal achievements are excellent, but the team cannot be Benefit. Safety Wei Luohem — Quiin has been facing the steel man last week to complete the copy of the CD, and the National District Partition is taken. Since 2014, the top security guards have completed all the 16th CD, and all the seats of all the affiliates were held. If the lion wants to take advantage of the packaging worker, he will lose its life, in addition to the offensive end continues to maintain a high threat, the defensive end can do an overwhelming limit is the winning spoon.

[Average predecessor] 9th week night match lion @ 包装

The 9th week of the regular season will be held in the most prestigious National Lianbei District, the Detroit Lion will be a guest Green Bay Lanbao Stadium challenge the package. At present, the two teams’ total handcuffs record packages with 98 wins and 68 losses 3 flat The overwhelming advantage is achieved, and the packaging workers maintain 3 consecutive victories of visit the following web page lions, but this time the package is laccked the main four-point Wei Alon Rogers. Can they still defend the host’s dignity?

Through this cooperation, NFL further expands its communication in China’s digital media platform, providing Chinese users with top sports entertainment video content through more platforms, more convenient ways.

Saint Paro Sean Payton announced Brisings on Friday will not debut in the game of the Black Panther’s Black Panther. Bris is treating shoulder injury suffered in the competition of Tampawan pirate last week.

Wilson was copied twice by Darrious Williams, and the lower half was lost once. This is his first game this season, and he did not complete the pass to the ball. His strength weapon D.K. May Tacf (D.K. Metcalf) did not pick up the ball.

In terms of defensive, the injury is seriously affected by the patriots, especially in their second line. Defensive guards, Tyrone, Tyrone, Tytai reimbursement, safe Wei Yulin. Wilson has four copies, the most, the whole team, also missed several games. In order to make up for the loss of injuries, the following players were put on the first list:

cheap nfl jerseys and Braddy are difficult to achieve solutions

According to informed people, NFL has changed their conditions for Tom Brady to resolve their lawsuit on Tuesday. They said they will not be in the conclusion of Bradi’s conclusion in Braddy’s investigation reports. A solution is reached with Braddy. NFL did not comment on this message on Wednesday.

Old will take the outside of Troy Brown, the head coach Bill. Bellchk took Brown as a second-line defensive player when training camp, and gave him a certain appearance time in the season and found him.

Previously, Bris’ injuries may be reported to make him absent. Briskers are still optimistic, telling reporters that they are very confident that they can play against the Black Leopard. Pelton said that when Briscited passed the ball training, «there is no speed».

On the front line, the professional bowl player investigation. Richard semour led the team’s defensive line, he killed 5 times in the season, and made a drop in the game. Several veterans’ performances have also brought great help for the team: professional bowl players Teddy Bruce (122 times, 3.5 times, 3 times, 70 yards Code number), Willie McGinest (9.5 times, grabbing the ball, 1 copy), and Mike Vrabel (71 times , 5.5 killing) and TED Johnson. Flabell also often passed the close to the end of the end in the offensive area, and got 2 buses reached.

The game has been extremely fierce, and the two teams will fight at 14:14 at the end of the third section. Subsequently, the Patriot team relied in Cordi. Di Long’s 2 yards and Adam. Vinai’s 22-yielded shot was 10 points in Section IV. The Eagle is just relying on their quarterly Donnuo million. The 30 yield of McNabble is transmitted to the outside handle. Lewis took the next to the score to catch the score to 24:21. Thereafter, there were still 1 minute 48 seconds, but the eagle wandered again. In the whole game, the Patriot team has four steals, and their external deth is called the 11th successful boller recorded by the 133 yards of the 63 yards. The 11th successful boller recorded in the super bowl of MVP. Since he also had 10 ball records in the previous super bowl, he also created a record (21 times) in the two consecutive super bowls. Blance is also the third place in all the superb bowls of MVP’s players who have not received or produce the offensive players who have reached the ball. The other two is the 3rd Super Bowl MVP Joe Nami and the 11th Super Bowl MVP Frederbertnikov.

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