Since the defensive coordinator Todd-Powers took over the jet coach, the red rocket defensive group lost the fearful ability. However, the patriarchal pavement defense can still be placed on the 9th. Although the task is arduous, Todd Grrees still need to make the pressure of the pavement to make Sami Waterkins better use the Range Ranked League 26’s air defense.

[Event Prevent] Regular season 7th Zhou London Collamp @ 公羊Regular season 7th Zhou London, Los Angeles ram will meet Arizona Red Spits in the London Tvanm Stadium. Star Jogue, who has just turned from Saint, Adrian Peterson, will visit London for the second time in two months.

«I think there is a lot of real interesting actions between Item 10 and 20,» Di Mi Torov said in an interview. «I want to say that I will never rule out the transaction, because we are a very active team (in the past).»

It was the end of the original look. However, Cheap Nfl Jerseys as far as this game, the gap between the special group is very likely to affect the process of the game. The red rickets do not have trustworthy players, but the ram has «leg shock» Zullene; the red seasoned kick is flat, the ram, John Het, can compete for the most effort . Always, the special group of ram is a quite firm part. During the two teams of the two teams, the special service group did not have a lot of performance opportunities, but who didn’t know this time?

Now he comes from the championship to the bottom team, but Brown strives to reinforce lineup during this year. The wire must be the only position that is not reinforced. Now Brown may create an excellent line-guard combination for the first time for many years.

Due to the last season Di Mitlov and the team coach — Kuinn only achieved only 7 wins and 9 losses, the team is not expected to stay. This year, the outside world will pay special attention to the false fell. Although there are many excellent players in the array, there are still many vulnerabilities to be filled, and they are currently only $ 4.3 million in salary space.

According to reporter Field Yats (Field Yates) reported that the eagle has been restructured with the offensive cut Rannson, Teching a salary space of US $ 7.5 million. Now Johnson’s salary space is $ 4.98 million, he can also get a contract bonus of $ 41.92 million. Johnson is now $ 790,000 in 2018, but the total revenue is still $ 10.25 million, just different ways.

Pony four-point guardian Andrew Luck is still restoring the calf injury and will absence the training of the next three days. The team has signed the close-end sharp-zach, giving up the near-end SF BROWN. Spencer Ware has accepted an ankle surgery and it is expected to be 5-6 weeks to recover.

Eagle first hair line Wei Kamu Grugier-Hill knees injured, leaving Saturday training in advance. May be absent. Georgier Hill started 10 games last season, complete 45 cuddles.

Saint-Run, Latvius Murray (unknown), absent four days, regression training.

Cowboy struck is slightly injured in the back of the zack martin. The team signed the Jacquiz Rodgers, giving up Rob Kelley.

Jet offensive Diagonal Kelvin Beachum (ankle) did not participate in training.

Dolphin Safety 卫 卫 雷 r (right foot) Wear protection boots, did not participate in training.

The bear wavy gave up the defender Josh Simmons, and signed Joe Walker.

49 people signed an external hand Kris Thompson.

Hongki has been activated from the injury unable training list activation line Wei Qiandan Brailford.

The raid man signed the Mac Mac-Brown.

Brown signed the defensive cut Sprinkle, giving up the angular Wijier’s Jermaine Ponder.

The wild horses will join the footsteps of the injury reserves in the wild horses to make a big list space to sign the So Reddick.

Falcon signed four points to Matt Simms to make up for Kurt Benkert injured.

The ram is right, and the 4th wins and 2nd leaders in Jarry Gaff and Todd Galley, and the rickets were also convincing after winning Peterson. The two states of the team are fighting, and there is reason to believe that the London competition will be exciting.

«Even if this is said, there will be such a situation, given the depth of this year, this makes potential offices have created opportunities. Although I have been working here for a long time, we are not very active down the team. However, this year may be doing this this year, you may really consider going downwards and may obviously get two draft options in different locations, and then use these drafts to use the Dragonfly. «

At present, Saint-Defensive Backfield includes Marshon Lattimore, New Xiu Changxi-Johnson, Safety, Marcus Williams. If it can reduce the problem, Jenkins will be a great help of Saints to fight for the United States.

For the row, it is important to reduce the oppression of Palm. The ram defensive line has a dry fierce in Alon Donald, and their pressure is easily impact on the pass of Palmer. Once the rock row offensive line can resist the violent rush of the male defense guard, Parme will pass the ball in normal state, Fitzgelad’s powerful ram has to be taboo.

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