Black Leopard donated 100,000 US dollars to help Charleson survivors

Carolina Black Panther began to act, the team and their boss Jerry Richardson donated 100,000 US dollars to give a foundation to help this week in Charleston shooting in South Carolina this week. Survivors.

Before the start of the season, the cowboy offensive group was thought that there was no maximum of the most bad, but their performance was not bad after the start of the season, especially from the Baltimo crow, Rando McClain. But the third week faced the St. Louis ram, although the 2nd copy of the CD, cowboy’s defensive, the three-point guard of the ram, Austin Davis, looks like a fate quarter, he is The cowboy defensive group was 42 times of passing 30 times successfully achieved 327 yards 3 times. Cowboy 2012 First Way Show Horn Weigh Morris Claiborne 2 times by the ram of the ram, there is still no longer hugging the race. The other corner of the team is a good news after the unlicenae, and it is a good news after the unlicensed drug test. At least in the game of the ram, in the game, Candelrick and Kleiban according to the public The sheep’s offensive player is configured to rotate the game, and the jeans coach Jason Garrett indicates how much game time can be determined. The same is quite bad in Bruce Carter. But for cowboy, the news is the absence of Mac, McChen, which has been fighting the union, and the Anthony Spencer, which has been previously injured, will may return. But the Saint Offense Groups they face have the best leadership of the alliance, and the four points of Drew Brees played, this year’s first round of Show outside Brantin Kux (BRANDIN COOKS) Exertes excellent, plus the old Marques Colston and the second grade Kenny Stills, can not ignore the killing Jimmy-Glaham Jimmy graham. Such a combination helps the saints currently the total offensive code number column League Fourth, the password number bit column League fifth. Cowboy defensive will deserve a concern about the pass attack of the Saint.

Packaging worker: The new Xiu outside Leff is taken away.

Packaging Workers’ Matt Lafleur This year’s first round chose a quadrant, but he said that this does not replace the signal of the existing starter.

Washington red leather replacement quarterfield is the team’s emergency long kick

US Sunday, Washington Red Leather Matching Green Bay Packing Workers may have a fun screen, you will see the red skin of the four-point guardian-McCoy, McCoy, playing long-player Role.

Saints vs denim prosode: Sharwan’s reproduction?

In the fourth week of NFL regular season in the 2014 season, Dallas cowboy copened the challenge of the New Orleans Saints. The two sides have been tied for two consecutive seasons, and the saints have won. Prior to this, the saints were unexpectedly defeated, and the third week was defeated to defeat the Minnesotavi. The cowboy will be defeated with the biggest difference between the team history, and win 2 consensus after the poor opening of the 49 people in San Francisco. Both sides need to win this game to catch up with the partition leader.

Nick Falls will start the next week

US Time Monday, the old Hawk, Doug Pederson, told the reporter, four-point 卫 Nik-Wolls (Nick foles) will start the sixteenth week, while Carson Wentz Will continue to take back the back injury.

Since the defensive group is too bad, the defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan came to the Saints and adjusted the prior League level of defensive team in the 2013 season. In the meeting of both parties last season, the Saint Defensive Group restricted the cowboy to 17 points. But this season began, it seems that the old fairy in the defensive group is committed again. First, the season’s first battle allowed Atlantan Femplay to get 37 points and the Falcon’s four-dimensional Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) won the 448 yards of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the team. Bryan Hoyer completed a wave of 85 yards scored and promoted. The opponent score is only limited when it faces the Viking of Adrian Peterson in the third week. In the cowboy offensive group they face, although Tony Romo, Tony Romo, it is general, but in general, it is better than one, and leads the cowboy 21 points to reverse the ram. And the Demarco Murray, Murray, which is currently exacerior. Three games have achieved 385 yards for 3 times to achieve 385 yards, which may become the saints. One of the key factors. It is worth mentioning that Romo and Murray 3 games attended the seven mistakes to lead to the conversion of the ball, and the Saints defensive group was one of the teams of the ball after the top three rounds. Do you have a few mistakes in this game? But in any case, the cowboy offensive group faces the saints defense may still play a huge power. This game may become a battle.

Front speech before Carol: Relax your mind, look for fun

cheap Nfl jerseys famous media man Albert Breer said a Haiying player revealed that the team coach Pitte Carroll mobilization speech before the game did not differ from the past. Bririer also said Carol in the past two weeks in the past two weeks, and does not allow players to be affected by the stress of the competition.

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