Bear coach, inquiry plan, the first match, the first game

Matt Nagy has been in charge of the NFL offensive group for four years. He worked in Andy Reid and Doug Pederson, but the standing portal only Two years.

Rooseman has started working in the eagle in 2000, and the Peterson’s 2016 season came to the team, replacing the chip Kelly, which was fired. After Carson Wentz, Peter Since was selected. Counterators, they introduced Alshon Jeffery, Chris Long, Tim Jernigan, Legarrette Blount (LEGARRETTE BLOUNT) And Nick Foles et al. Among them, Falls provokes the team girders after Wenz injury, giving the team better than the patriot, and obtain the leader of the team.

Of course, predicted the Patriots became the American League Championship and the Seahawks beat the National League first division rivals small. But Obama for the analysis of the league «is not really strong teams,» the very accurate, the balance of power between the teams in the league is the most balanced position.

Intrioberry: «& hellip; & hellip; this is one of the things that I am not satisfied, so I decided to adjust the season’s premium strategy. First, I think this is good for them, second, can also make them spirit Be prepared. «

Carolina Black Leopard Saturday in the preseason of Tennesse Titan in 21-16, Ji Ni completed a 61-yard blessing in the game, and the Newton reported after the game: «He should be the fastest NFL. One of the few people, it is difficult for him to run. Taking into account his age, I am fortunate that he is in our team, we can also use his team very well. «

Eagle and head coach and executive vice president renewal

Beijing August 6th, after winning the super bowl, the old eagle main coach Doug-Peterson, Howie Roseman, also had to worry about the rice bowl.

The bear team scored only 17.5 last season, and the integrated offensive Ranking League No. 29, which undoubtedly dragged the defensive hind legs ranked 4th, and the ranks of the 2018 season were also unmarked.

«I am proud of him, I know that in the case of countless cases, I am not easy.» Quin said, «I think that Salunan is commendable, he will focus on the competition, know how to attack, how to score The longer time, the more you understand his importance and abilities. The alliance allows them (Schanehan and 49 people) to talk again, I am also convinced that they will do this. «

The team of certainly hopes that they will stay longer. The US Sunday, the eagle announced that it has renewed to Peterson and Rosman to the 2022 season. Jeffrey Lurie wrote in the statement: «We are very happy to make Doug-Peterson and Hoy-Rozman continue to lead the team, these two people help the team to maintain competitiveness. All the way wins, the work is not good. I believe that the broad vision of the two can bring victories to the team, bringing better future. «

This first round of the first round selected from the University of South Carolina, before entering the university, once as a basketball player stayed in a small basketball league, the crow chose two in the 2018 draft. A close-end strike, one is the first round of Shitas and the other is the three-wheeled show Mark Andrews to maintain the stability of the offensive group.

Nike Patriots #10 Jimmy Garoppolo Navy Blue Team Color Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL Elite JerseyUnfortunately, you must wait until Hetz injury returns. The crow hopes that he will relieve the pressure of the external hand of the offensive group, but the foot injury may make this young neighborhood ability to hit a big question mark.

Salunhan will conduct a second interview with 49 people on Saturdays, and he will have the opportunity to strive for the general manager. But 49 people can’t formally hire Deshanan before the end of the super bowl.

Dan-Quin is surprised to the balance of Salunan

The Falcon Cohandan — Quiin knows how difficult it is to make a balance in the arrangement of the playoffs and make a balance in the future coach work. Therefore, he has a deep surprise for both Kyle Salunan.

«Super Bowl is more difficult (to predict). But now I have to say, you would guess Brady win again,» Obama said. «I think there is no real strong teams. Seattle Seahawks and Patriots in the Super Bowl reunion, this is my prediction.»

The proximal edue Hurt will receive foot surgery 3 to 4 weeks

On August 25th, this year, this year, this year, Baltimore Crow with the first round of the first round of the new show, the HAYDEN HURST, will receive foot surgery, it is very likely to absence the 2018 whole season.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Garafolo, the new show has a serious contusion (FRACTURE), will be installed in his foot steel on Friday’s Friday. Nail surgery. Hetes is likely to be except for 3 to 4 weeks, which will not give him a training camp in 2018.

Despite great success, Wholesale Jerseys Obama’s tenure in the White House, the Patriots visited only once, after the victory over the Seattle Seahawks in 2015. In fact, in his tenure in the White House Neiaobama he met with eight different Super Bowl championship team & mdash; & mdash; not the defending team in cheap nfl jerseys history is unprecedented in these eight years.

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