Mike Maccagnan, General Manager Mike Maccagnan, selected Williams in April. Williams from the University of Alabama, the pocket impact capacity is the first to none, and the running guards after the start of the ball will sorrow.

When I was an free player in 2016, the jet has worked hard to chase him, but in the end he joined the raid by a 58.5 million US dollars. The investment of raids has received a good return in the first two years.

The rookie quadrants deshaun Watson played in the second half of the second section, in the first half of the fourth quarter, was replaced by Weeden, and its performance distance became a qualified first four-point bathroom and a road to go. Watson handed over the 116-yard data in 216, and transmits a copy of the copy, and two dangerous have been copied. Watson is not satisfactory because there are two unnecessary balls that are unnecessary twice, miss the chance to win the first gear. Another reason is that the offensive front line protection is weak, and Watson has had to use his sports ability to pass through the ball, but the result is general. One of the offensive, Watson brought free from the saint defensive player, running out the pocket, facing another Saint defensive player’s impact on the last moment forced to make a pass. Watson faced the compression 9 pass, was killed twice, throw it out of the world. In contrast, Tom Savage performance is relatively confident, 16 pass 10 in 79 yards, but it cannot be counted as an excellent first four-point guard.

But Garle hopes to be better than before: His 2013 and 2014 season have a total of 22 killing in Saints. Galle is now 15 pounds, which makes him feel ready to accompany the red skin to fight in the regular season, make more results.

Due to lack of offensive weapons, Texas people have only advanced 57 yards. In terms of catching, the close-end Rashaun Allen 2 picks up 34 yards, the number of teams is the first of the team. The proximal edge RYAN GRIFFIN began to gradually retrieve the state, and the 22 yards 2 in the ball can be used in the ground offensive cover. It can take advantage of his movement. The previous performance of Excellent External Decongs Bruce Ellington 5 took only 29 yards in 4.

However, the performance of Ocher Meiller last season is sliding and is injured by knee injury and toe, and he has a total of 5 games. There have been rumors in the transaction deadline, saying that he will be traded, but in the end he is still a group. Last season, the raids attendant offensive sharp lines were poor, and Derek Carr was killed 51 times.

In recent days, Ocher Mile is considered to be cut off by the raid. In February, he once published a video vow to rebound. In the video, he shows that his weight is only 296 pounds, https://Bispro.Iainpare.Ac.id/index.php/User:PennyCrouse51 and he is listed as 330 pounds in the official data of the raid.

Red leather Wide Gallete said that he will be better than in the past

Beijing June 16th, Jay Gruden, recently, said that the line guards Junior Galette will still have convulsions in the spur, which has been in the past two years. It is associated with lozenzo tearing injury.

According to the inferiority, the jet has been in principle to agree to the trading of the Auckland raid, and send a fifth round of draft this year, and get the left-handed protective harm — Ocher Milechi Osemele and one Sixth round of draft. This transaction can take effect until the beginning of the new league.

The two sides describe this talks in a similar language, and they published the joint statement on Wednesday, indicating that this meeting is «effective, constructive and beneficial to both parties.» Both parties will continue to talk.

The current labor agreement is signed in 2011 and will expire after the 2020 season. However, NFL and NFL players have expressed their desire to sign a new agreement before the start of the 2019 season. However, this optimism has changed after recently this meeting. According to informed people, the two sides «very impossible» before the beginning of the new season, the alliance has not worked hard to implement this goal.

Williams may take the same road with Sam Darnold, which is the same as the jet. Darnod did not immediately reported that there were several games, so that the coaches were uneasy, but they later let everything happened with the wind.

The meeting on Wednesday is the fourth official talks in the next day. The current plan is that both sides carry out next meeting on July 29. The content discussed in both parties includes income sharing and other matters.

The crow announced the second consecutive week to announce the foot injured in Brandon Williams, will be absent. Williams is an important member of Baltimore Rush. It didn’t be self-care that he didn’t hit his defensive group last week.

Crowbrandon — Williams is absent from the second consecutive week

The steel man runs Guiji, Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) There is no chance to perform in this season. In the face of the important general absent, he may arrive at the moment.

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