Red skin signing a new show offensive front line member Catalena

The offensive front line is really letting Washington red skin. On Thursday, they announced that they put the t.j. Claymins (T. J. Clemmins) in the injury reserve list. And signed a new show offensive front line member Taylor Catalina.

But the performance of Wilson in the season is beginning to decline. The opponent defensive group successfully made adjustments, Wilson’s mistakes have increased, and wonderful passes began to decrease.

Tiger running 卫 伯 德, Hill will start

Cincinnati-ranking Giovani Bernard This week’s absence of all the team’s training, he will hurt the first time because of his hips and clavicle. Local time on Friday, the head coach Ma Wen — MARVIN LEWIS confirmed this news.

Clerings played 6 games this season, and then reimbursed due to an ankle injury season. The red skin was previously claimed from the Viking people, let him become the fourth attack in the team. However, due to Trent Williams (Knee) and Thai-Esek (Types) (core muscle group) absent, Claymin had to start the past two games. He is a four-wheeled show in 2015, and the preseason was given up by the team.

Cowboy Interview Mike — McCarti, Ma Wen — Lewis

US time Saturday, according to Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China NetWork reporters report, the front packaging worker teaches Mike McCarthy, and is going to Dallas, which is about to interview with cowboy.

In addition, the team’s number one star, external takeover A.j Green (A.j. Green) also returned the injury. He was previously absent from 3 games because of his right foot thumb. Green participated in all training this week, and he completed 17 battles so far, won 314 yards and 2 times. His return will help the Tiger offensive group retrieve the status, and will greatly make up for the loss of Bernard.

At present, Bernard is a 446 code to lead the whole team and won 5 times. This week’s team will use the new Xue Jeremy Hill to send a battle Jacksonville America. Since the season, Hill 50 times will take the 195 yard with 3 times. The team offensive coordinator Hu-Jackson believes that Hill can replace Bernard, continue to support the team cheap nfl jerseys from china the road surface.

Before the head of the head, Marvin Lewis, may also have an abortion, and the cowboy has been interviewed. Lewis served as a special consultant for the Rugby Project of Arizona State University in the 2019 season.

Howard has entered the last year of the rookie contract, this year’s salary is about 2 million US dollars. He completed 252 shots in the rookie season to get a total of 1313 yards, a total of 7 times, and selected a professional bowl. In 2017, he won the 1122 yard 9 times.

As the opponent limits Wilson’s long attack, the Haiying offensive group is stagnant. In the last four games in the season, including the playoffs of the Los Angeles ram), Wilson’s pass success rate in any game did not exceed 67%, and there were 3 passes of 3 games than 200. Code, and the quarterfielding points in each game are less than 100.

In the competition of the ram, the Haiying offensive group faces the poor performance of the alliance’s strongest defensive group covered the performance of the Hawie-Eagle Defense Group’s entire season & mdash; & mdash; including it difficult to block a finger injury. Quarter.

Wilson opened the stage in this season, and once again, he completed the long-distance pass to the opponent’s defensive group, helping the Hawks 5 battles. In the first 8 games of the Hawks, Wilson had a 5-game number of passes than 300 yards, which is the popular candidate of MVP.

Dak Prescott, Dak Prescott, currently led the team to complete 8 wins and 1 negative record, obvious that the team management group has no reason to let him sit on the bench. Moreover, he once again completed the 319 yards in the 319-yard highlight performance.

Denim is so cautious to treat Romo is made by two reasons, first of all, they don’t want him to return too early because his back injury is old injury. The second reason is that you will make him more intense between the competition between the four-point guard, this is also a cowgirl.

The two running guards in the last season, Jay Ajayi and Darren Sproles have become free players. Doug Pederson has previously said that he hopes that Sprull is returned to another year, but this old will run this decision to make this decision.

Chicago Bear will run Jordan-Howard transactions to the eagle

Beijing March 29, the Philadelphia Eagle has been an urgent need for the position of the running guard. They traded from Chicago to Jordan Howard.

Last season, Eagle pavement is poor, and the number of mosquies (1570 yards) is ranked 28th, and the average number of punched push codes (3.9 yards) is second. The team’s buzzard code has the most running guards Josh ADAMS (511 yard) only column League 41.

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