NFL official website reporter Ian — Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to people familiar with news reports that foreign take over the free agent is expected to meet with the Cleveland Browns in the next week. The two sides may meet the time schedule on Thursday.

Inspirational stories: return school queen and her teammatesPeople want to be a rugby player in Mississippi high school, because the Queen returns to play the ball there! Mary Kate Smith, like someone else’s high school classmates, with blue eyes, attracted a lot of boys in Niki Mississippi high school. And her story is rarely mentioned. This high school student is not just a queen of the school, she is still the first player of the football team, and it is a good one.

She said: «I love this sport, it is a competitive sports, I can know what I should do, I enjoy the victory, I hate the failure, I like to defeat the opponent there and then laugh at them, this is very good.» She is able to play with the boy playing on the court.

In addition, wide receiver Corey Brown will — Coleman (Corey Coleman) traded to the Buffalo Bill, and later took over the show outside their four-wheel Antonio — Callaway (Antonio Callaway) is accused of carrying marijuana. Callaway claimed that marijuana found in his car did not belong to him, Brown believes his rhetoric, but whether the NFL would have made the punishment is still unknown.

By mid-September, Smith completed all 3-point kicks and additional points in the season. She is also the focus of people in the seasons. She is a trend representative of rugby motion, and is the end of the male dominating the movement.

Previously General Manager John Brown — Dorsey (John Dorsey) told reporters that he wanted to meet with Bryant, but was unable to contact him. «He did not call back,» said Dorsey. «… Maybe he was still considering other things.» Later, Bryant replied on Twitter

Football is not a way to distinguish her and other boys, Smith loves confrontation, and her teammates don’t have to treat her. This is the change in the modern football in the southern United States, perhaps a trend to change the entire American society.

Smith will go to South Mission to become a football player, and she gave her community’s imprint is not just a rugby game on Friday night. She is an example of other girls can learn. In truth, I think this story is great!

wholesale nfl jerseys TV reporter Tom Pelissero said that three different doctors have given similar opinions based on the informed news, that is, the fracture site will heal itself. The current plan is 4 months later, check the injury in Pierll Paul. It is now expected that he takes 5 to 6 months or even faster time to recover, which means Pierre Paul will return to the stadium in October or November.

Kino-Smith and teammates will be injured in the injury 10 weeksNew York Jet Todd Bowles held a temporary press conference on Tuesday on Tuesday, announced that the team’s four-point 卫 基-Smith (Geno Smith) was crushed by fighting between the locker room and teammates. It will be absent from 6 to 10 weeks. At the same time, the jet has quickly cut off another party, the second-year line guard IK-En Eim Pari.

In Josh — when Gordon (Josh Gordon) missed the team event to restore health, Brown needs reinforcement wide receiver position. Gordon had coach Hugh — Jackson guarantee that they will return soon, but Dorsey Thursday admits that there is still no schedule for the return of Gordon.

In the first defense of swallowing, teammates Steven Nelson are in terms of fourth conversion because the defenders are sentenced to regulations, Pites throws the referee throwing the yellow flag that throws the audience. Pites has been sentenced to non-sports moral behavior and self-departure to the locker room from being exposed. When he learned that it was not expelled, Pites did not wear socks and returned to the field, but did not return to the game.

«We pray for good luck and pray for him,» The pirate coach Bruce — Alianz (Bruce Aria) said in an interview on Friday. «This matter is very unfortunate, we can do only prayer and hopeless results, I hope only 5 to 6 months he can recover.»

According to the report of Latport, En Ampary invited Kinno to participate in the training camp hosted by his hosted, and the two sides reached a consistent Humpari and took the initiative to pay for 600 US dollars, but Kino finally did not In the training camp, he explained his brother in the car accident because his brother was injured in a car accident, so he had to accompany it. According to the reason, Keno should pay $ 600, but when the Ampary is asking for the money, Kino is not in the words and the leader is broken by the other side.

Andy Reid said on Wednesday’s press conference that corner Mark Pites will fight against the Sunday’s competition against the Auckland raid by the team. The ban is from his behavior in the New York jet competition last week.

Pirate defensive end Pierre Paul decided to do not accept surgery to treat neck fracturesBeijing May 11th, due to a car accident, the neck fracture Tampawan pirate defensive end Edge Pierre Paul decided not to receive surgery.

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