Griffin was 32 years old this year, and this season contributed 2.5 times to kill. Due to the new crown inspection process, this martial art is not able to play the game against the Pony this week. He could play in 11.8 to the game of the Beijing-Tianjin.

«As for my contract, I really don’t want to talk about this kind of thing,» Wilson said. «I love the football game. I like to play. I strive to make progress and I want to be the best player in history. That is what I have to win the contract. Many games can be won in such a young age, you can have so much excellent The player partner, can some great reversal victory, win the super bowl, and also enter the super bowl in the second consecutive year, and it is enough to do these things for me. This is very special. So it is what I care about. I care about the next opportunity to have. The remaining opportunities will come. I believe that God will bless me. I don’t know what will happen, but I will always believe. I believe that the contract will get the result. «

The privilege label to Wilsen is what they will do when they are necessary, but they prefer to get a new contract before this. Wilsen listened to him to prepare anything that will happen: If you get a correct contract, you will be prepared to sign a contract, or if you are not full of Haiying, he will wait.

At that time, Pittsburgh Steelman was at the 11-yard line of the other party, and the 10-yard running ball was required, and the Wik hand brought the ball to Levian-Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) ran left side, but the left side was completely opposed Blocked, there is no need to turn to the right, very lucky Vik block each other’s defensive player, Bell successs.

Smith’s contract may be one of the reasons why Washington decided to leave him. Perrierir said that although Smith still needs a long recovery time, he has a full provision of $ 16 million in the 2020 season. Leaving Smith can not only let him continue to recover, but also let him guide Haskins.

After the Sub-Hoyer, Brian Hoyer led Texas to face the Falcon Subject to make three reachable players, saving the team. Maete is also the first position from Hoyel after the first week. But this time O’Brien has not changed. He also said that a short break time in Texas made a short break in front of the horses, one of the reasons why he made this decision.

Tiger hopes to exchange AJ McAllen with two-wheeled draft sign AJ McCarren (A.j.mccarron) is clearly the lack of four-defense team hopes to get one of the candidates, but there is a very important question is that Cincinnati is willing to give up him?

«He is our first quarter-off,» O’Brien said. «Like all of us, he knows that he has to behave better. We all have a better performance. He has to pass more accurate, in the quartz guard net, do not hand over the ball, let us I played the right attack. But this is what we decided to start the Human Paplice horses. «

For 36-year-old Smith, it is not only a story of people who have returned to the stadium for nearly two years. However, in the already determined Dwayne Haskins, the first quartz, Washington, Smith and another 4-point guards, how is it alone? .

Wilson this year’s contract is very cheap, will only let the Hawks lose $ 1.5 million. If they can’t negotiate new contracts after the next season, they can ensure that Wilson will not leave the team’s only way to give him a privileged label, Wholesale jerseys and the contract amount will be close to $ 20 million.

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