After the next half, the bear offense is still struggling. Even in an abandonment, their abandoned kicks were blocked by the packaging worker players. In the subsequent waves, Rogers have a decline. The packaging workers are unfavorable, and finally complete a free snap door. The leading advantages of packaging workers have been further expanded. The bear team launched a rebound in the subsequent waves and was taken by the team’s top. Brandon Marshall completed a reach, the bear team still fell behind the package in 7:45.

The wild horse has a star, and the light is four-point guards, Penton Manning and Brock Osweiler: During the effect of wild horses, Manning broke a series of four-point guards record, however This season was replaced by injuries and offensive systems. Manning’s performance is not as good as before, even since 1994, replaced in the game. It is not good to replace his Osville performance, but it is not called stable. The wild horses played in the rancing who served as the first quarter-breakout will be a big point. There is also an external team of Demarryius Thomas: Thomas is the number of wild horses, although it has declined in more than last season, but still achieves 604 games 6 times. The Emmanuel Sanders is also a fire point. He stably in the wild horse, the duties of the second pickup, and the 1135 yards were taken from 1135 yards this season.

Benjamin is in the draft in May in selected fifth wide receiver, 28th overall, he was ranked No. 4 in Sami — Watkins (Sammy Watkins), position 7 Mike — Evans (Mike Evans), 12th Odell — David Beckham -Jr (Odell Beckham Jr) and 20 of Blanding — after Kukes (Brandin Cooks).

After the second section, Rogers were also a long history found the external connector Nelson completed the reachable. On the second quarter, Rogers has sent 4 pass to more than 4 times. Under his lead, the package worker 28: 0 lead the bear. Subsequently, all the four-stage offensive of the bear army failed missed the opportunity. In the subsequent wave of offensive, the Rogers screen short passed to the EDDIE LACY, the latter rushed all the way to complete the reach. Package 35: 0 leads. Before the end of the first half, Rogers brought the Randall Cobb to complete the reachable. At the end of the half, the package is 42: 0 leads.

Guohi North District Civil War: Rogers Director

Beijing time November 10, 2014, at 9:30 am, the 14 season wholesale nfl jerseys regular season welcomed the battle of the enemy in the country. Green Bay packaging workers sit at home to meet their old opponents Chicago bear. Packaging workers four points to the opening of the hot feel from the opening, and he has sent 6 pass to the game, helping the packwork to defeat the enemy in the same district at 55:14.

The defensive group is necessary to introduce the important members of the entire combination, defensive end Malik Jackson and Derrick Wolf, Exterior Yau-Miller and Demarcus Ware , Mid-Bau Lated — Marshal and Danny Trevathan, Corner Valib and Chris Harris, Safe TJ Ward. These players are kneaded together to create the first defensive group of alliances. Among them, Miller, Will, Tarib and Harris have been selected this season’s career bowl.

This four selected ahead of him at wide receiver 40 yards tests than he is fast and Cooks score is 4 seconds 33 this year, the fastest of all external hands. Benjamin’s official score of 4 seconds 61. And if he is a little faster, then he would be allowed to protect selected to go earlier, but apparently he is unwilling. Recall in August, he said he is faster than most people think, just because of his 40-yard score just is not very good.

The eagle currently has 11 selection show, still likely to choose a quarter-saving in April this year. Frako gave a five game for the jet last season, the first four battles, the data is flat. Even so, most of the jets are more active last season, mostly by the Fragra team.

The Chicago Bear and Green Bay packaging team can be said that the enemy meets the outer eye, the two teams have launched a fierce competition cheap jerseys from China one. The competition is brought by the packaging team, and the bear team seems to have not found a state in the first wave of attack, helplessness is ended. Then, Rogers taught the bear team in led the package. They played a wave of 12 attacks to advance the 71 yards. In the red area, the packaging work also shows that it will be determined. In the face of 4 files 1 yard, the packaging is selected to play four gears, and the Brandon Bostick is completed. The packaging worker first pulls the best, with a 7:0 leading the bear team. In the subsequent wave attack, the Xiong team’s Jay Cutler has completed the copy of the package in a pass. Rogers once again shaped, and quickly led the team again to complete the reachable, the package is 14: 0 leaders. And before the end of the first section, the package was completed again. Rogers, the long-passing of the External Hand, Jordy Nelson completed the Deta. The first quarter ended, the package worker 21: 0 is leading the lead.

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