Ingram Peterson said last week agreed to let the two compete better argument together, he said he played for the Saints during the competition is not new, a lot of running back and he had to share playing time.

Assassin runs to Siya — Klovi Leon tearBeijing May 2, the first round of Joh Ja Jacobs has not participated in the training of Auckland raids, will definitely need to increase the workload in the new season.

US Sunday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Saints Saints Santed with this large line of lineups for approximately three years, with a total salary of $ 27 million, including $ 18.35 million security.

Opportunity he made this achievement possible, and the second time the Saints in the offseason signing of Adrian — Peterson (Adrian Peterson) also make a number of contributions related. If Peterson can stay healthy in the new season and outstanding performance, then the opportunity will be reduced Ingram.

Sunday Night, New England Patriot’s competition in San Diego lightning, Lightning quartz, Philip Rivers, found close-edge, Ladarius Green, due to running Moving Green does not stop the ball attempt to control the ball.

Fisher was first sent 13 games on the right in his own rookie season, and it was appointed as a left trial last season. Due to the expression, Donald Stephenson has replaced it to the first left. According to the score system focused by professional sports, Stephenson’s performance column of all the left-trials of the past two weeks.

New Orleans Saints running back Mark — Ingram: to face competitionBeijing June 19 hearing New Orleans Saints running back Mark — Ingram (Mark Ingram) last season, his first in 16 games his first season, attendance and rushed the ball a few yards over a thousand.

But before he controlled the ball, he was knocked by the Patriots’ corner of Brandon Brandon Browner. The ball flew out and fell in the hands of Devin McCourty, and then his ball was running to complete the copy.

The injuries of Clovo means that Jacobes should bear more migratory tasks. Although in the first round of the first round, he will become the team’s main running guard, Klovo is originally considered to be played in the initial offensive file. Now this plan is no longer existed.

This is a heavy blow to Klovil, who is signed with the raid one year. His performance in New York Jet last season is disappointing, complete 143 shots to get 685 yards 6 times, he hopes to revitalize career at the raid.

Coach Sean — Payton (Sean Payton) the running back position competition called «Sweet trouble», he believes this will not cause trouble to the team. As long as the Saints can win, then Payton will prove he is right.

Now, in addition to Jacobs, the raid guards also have Jalen Richard, Deandre Washington and Chris Warren, but The two are more suitable for playing in the pass attack. Warren is currently the only running guard who is suitable for the initial attack in addition to Jacobs. The raid person may check the next time to assume this task.

Fisher was previously plagued by ankle injury, only 3 files in the past 2 weeks. Original fans want to see Fisher and J. J. Vougue of J. J. Watt, but Rid is not prepared for Fisher, and did not give him an appearance time. In the past 2 weeks, the first step of the emirate is Jia-Rid (Jah Reid). Although he fills all the number of powers, it is extremely struggling. Especially in the pass protection, the performance of Reid is a nightmare.

Emirates Fisher will start the firstEric Fisher will return to the first lineup in this week. Andy Reid said in an interview with local time Saturday that the 2013 season’s champion will be served in the game with Green Bay packaging in this week.

But Ferguson did not accept this apology and explanation, he said: «We all saw this movement. Things have happened to be abused.» Teammates Brandon Marshall also helped the cavity: » Laura should be banned. He played too dirty. «

After the game, Laura explained that this was accidental accident. cheap Nfl jerseys did not think so, and reaffirmed the security of the player and banned him on Monday. According to the proceedings on Tuesday, he defended: «This is completely unintentional , I remember that I have to fall, I noticed. After I apologize and shake it. «

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