Falcon first round Xiu Mi Jinli will be limited during the training campaign

Beijing July 25th, Atlantan Feman will add training amount to the first round of Takkarist McKinley after the start of the training camp.

In Friday night, there was a comprehensive improvement of the offensive front line, although the starter member did not live all, Bronte, Johnson and Amdullah were also in 4.0 above. Bront relied on a 13-yard push to show his own fierce, Abdullada array proved that he was still available, but they were more than a rookie Johnson.

3 years agoJohnson almost filled the game, cheap nfl Jerseys he saved the 34 yards 7 times, and the ball was 33 yards. In addition, he has completed a 57-yard long-distance attack, and it is a pity that a draw person is divided into this advancement.

Sags bamboo injury will be reimbursed

The new season of Baltimore Crow is not smooth, Cheap nfl Jerseys and in the first week, 13-19 losses of Denver’s wild horses, defensive core Trell-Sags (Trrell Suggs) left hedge injured. After the game, the team officially announced that Sags will absent all the remaining competitions of this season.

Although the crow lost Sags, the team still saw some positive factors in this week. The team showed a total of four-point guards, a total of 4 times, Peyton Manning, controlling the number of mammonary propulsion code to 3.2 yards. Since 2003, a total of 6 people have completed 100 kills, and Sags is one of them. The team needs more dependence on the future of Elvis Dumervil and Courtney Upshaw.

Dolphin is a few teams introducing Rosen will be one of the teams that are reasonable, they have not selected four-point guard in the first round, and the New York Giants and Washington red skin pick the four-point guard.

More than Dieville said that He wants to let Fitzgerald in the rickets but «this is a long time later.», Fitzgerad has spent 11 years of career in the red scitch, but he has now 31 Years old, the output of the past three seasons is not as good as in 2013, there is a good outbreak (954 yards, 10 reacted). However, in 2014, his number of balls, the number of blesses and reaches of reached the minimum valley since his rookie season.

However, Bideville still believes that Fitzgerald wants to stay in Arizona. «Although there is still not much progress, but I think this is the best result for us the best future», said than Dewell, «We must solve these problems.»

According to informed people, dolphins and red scintles have been negotiating. In Rosen may be treated by the red rickets, the dolphins have been studied in Runson. Subsequently, there is a rumor that the person familiar with the dolphins have been close to the second round of the 48th selection right to change Rosen. At the same time, because dolphins believe that Rosen’s value is still not as good as the 48th selection, the two sides may also involve the interchange of low-time draft.

For Hester, if he did not sign a contract with other teams, his next destination might be a famous Hall of Hall. The 20 times ahead of his career comes back to Dal and 14 abandoned to the Raidala in the Alliance Record, which makes him worthy of recognition.

Although it is 32 years old, Sagas is still the top of the league, and he is injured in a confrontation in Section 4. In the 2012 season, Sags was injured in the right foot during the ranch. The team specially emphasized that this injury was not old injury. This old man who has entered a career is now injured and hurt, and it will be unclear in the future.

Lion Xikai Leon — Johnson Swarfs show excellent

Beijing on August 12th, the lion lunch season focused on the squid attack, they signed Legarrette Blount from the free market, after the first round selected left-handed Frank-Lagno, Two rounds selected Run Kelion — Johryon Johnson. It seems that the effect is good.

Pallar chop indicates that Fitzgerald is expected to continue to stay.

For Arizona Red Shot, the time to make a decision of Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) is approaching a day. The old will be a $ 23.6 million in 2015, while the red scitch will pay at least $ 16.25 million, and the sagason will be willing? Still want to enter — Lari’s era?

The former Chicago Bear Legend player never really returned to the peak of the bear, he was on average to discard the kick at this season and only attacked 7.2 yards, with an average of 24.5 yards, 5 Extracered ball. Hayster did not get an attack at 12 games in the 12th game of the crow.

«I believe we will solve these problems», «said than Delvil. «We have already conducted some conversations, and I think it is very effective, we will continue these discussions or, the same, (team manager) Steve Kem (Steve Keim) and his broker will also discuss some discussions. «

Mike Bidwell, President of MiChidwell, believes that Fitzgerad will still be a member of the red tones next season, Bideville said that the ramp and Fitzgerald broker in the local media. The conversation progresses smoothly.

Dolphins looks unstopt of the main four-point guard for future, in view of their reconstruction lineup, they can wait until 2020 to solve the four-defense position. But if the red scitch is asking for the prices, then the dolphins may change their ideas.

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