Hawks attack coach: After careful consideration, give four points Wellson more dominant

For Seattle Hawks fans, they most wanted to see this season is the quasell Wilson take over the competition, led the offensive group to complete another attack.

At the end of the month, Brown’s buses number ranked second (1192 yards) and possibly getting a new high 1734 yards. In November, Brown completed the most dominated ball performance in the season, and got 284 yards in 17 battles in the competition of the Auckland raid. His steel man is currently 6 wins and 5 losses. Due to the relative score, the external card seat is a step.

Opening, Philadelphia eagle first was running with the star. LESEAN MCCOY continuously held the ball, and then the Nick Foles continued to advance, attacked to the giant red area. The last shot score, calmly. The giant team is unfavorable, and the elimal 卫 卫 宁 (Eli Manning) is killed and cannot be advanced, can only discard kick. The eagle offensive group was more brave, and it was more brave. It was still from McCay and Falls to lead the offensive group, and used no business to attack all the way. Finally by Falls short-term close-edge ridged — 厄 (Zach Ertz ) Reacted. At this time, the giant offensive group was finally a bit decent, but after several rapid advancement, Xiaomaning was killed 2 times in a row, and the giant offense was in the mud. Then, both sides entered the saw, after several ball exchanges, the eagle McCay was 15 yards, Falls, a short one, one longer, 2 passed, the last side of James Casey, James Casey Array. The giant team will not be able to find a state, and the Eagle is not polite to take 3 points. Subsequently, the two sides were once again entered, and Falls were passed on, and Iramann was killed 5 times. The giant team fell into the river, and the eagle entered the second half with a huge advantage of 20 to 0.

At present, the thermal thorn has announced that NFL has reached a decade agreement. Since the beginning of the 2018 season, their new home will have a wholesale Nfl jerseys game every year. The Jenan Tiger will start every year in London in the 2016 season.

The 2nd extra cassessions of the United States Union will be carried out in two historic teams, and the Tzburgh is sitting in the town of Hengshu, the Miami dolphin visited. This is the 4th confrontation of the two team playoffs, and it is also the first playoffs since the 1985 season. That season, dolphins defeated steel people in the United Federation final, and promoted the 19th super bowl. In the previous three-season next time, the dolphins won 2 victories, and all the confrontations in the two teams were temporarily picked up in 13-13.

Analysis: Whether it is a cut-off or a stront, it is necessary to reinforce the reinforcement, which is necessary to improve. It is also necessary to give priority to the need to make the defensive frontline more destructive, and should also consider an income of a security guard with coverage.

The second half of the giant team finally has improved, first attacking the eagle red zone, but a pass to cancel because of the foul, the second giant struggled to challenge the array area, the outer handle (Victor cruz). And the sprain knee leaves the game. The eagle is even more unstoppable at this time, starting from the 3 yards of this party, 8 no business gathering advances 97 yards by running Darren Sproles running Darren Sproles. Then there is no score.

Shaude — Khan wants to buy the London football team to migrate the Jagua

It seems that there will be news every month, and Jacksonville American Tiger will move home, cheap jerseys from china Los Angeles to overseas, and fans can do everything.

Analysis: Bill may seek a right trip after experienced this season. Their external connections may flow into the free market, so this location also needs to be reinforced. Whether it is a security guard or a corner, Bill is not too much. And if Terol is not returned, Bill is clearly needed to come to a new quarter.

November Best defense new show: Green Bay Packaging Matter Wenda Marile (Damarious Randall), the corner of the Arizona State University has become a strong force of the second-line defensive packaging. He got a total of 25 caught 2 times in a packed factory defense group.

2017 NFL draft position and team demand analysis 1-10

This article is arranged in accordance with the 2017 NFL draft first round, and it is most urgent to reinforce the reinforcement after each team enters the offset period. The order of the draft is determined by the performance, and the difficulty of the schedule (the record and the difficultness of the schedule is the official consideration factor for the alliance for the sequence of election).

Now we have seen the results of the transformation of the Hawks attack group. Wilson can have their own voice on Tuesday, and can have a lot of power to change tactics before the kick. Moreover, Shao Tenghemail said that the tactics recommended by Wilson usually work.

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