Washington, 2019, Participated in 634-sized offensive (64%), but only the 486 sets of attack (44%) last season. His data is therefore affected, and the number of ball propulsions Cheap Jerseys From China the 2019 season is 392 yards. In the Fame Tournament on Thursday, Washington was only two times as the pass target.

Brown activated running Sanick — check to big listUS time Saturday, Brown activated the professional bowl level to the Nick Chubb from the injury reserved list, and he will participate in this week’s game.

The denim defensive group under Norlan is a mess. In the game with 38-49, the cowboy will make the opponent’s squat into 307 yards, which is the team’s history. In the nearly 3 games, the opponent has achieved 126 points and the 3 game of the Cowboys 3 games. For 3 consecutive games, the opponent gets at least 38 points and is also the first record of the cowboy since its inception of the professional alliance in 1960.

25-year-old Manzel had a lot of experience in front of the past, and it was also cut off in March 2016 by Cleveland. Last week, he participated in the San Diego University Occupation Day, proved that he has changed since the scouts of the 13 teams. Scouting attending the professional day of the Texas Agricultural Technology Day will be more.

Given the coach McCarthy, only 4 games, while the Jones family and the offense coordinator Kellen Moore have a good relationship, and the outside world believes they will first take the defensive coordinator Mike, Nalan (Mike Nolan).

Viking Kirk Cousins 28 passed the 253 yards of the 21st pass to the ball reached the ball, including the first 44 yards of the Wanfu Maria to reach. Near-end Fengkell Rudolf (Kyle Rudolph) 9 times a ball 122 yards 2 times a ball reachable.

After this, the lion is 5 wins and 10 losses, and the new handsome Matt Patricia as the first season of the main coach. Viking 8 wins and 6 losses 1 flat, the last round, if you overcome the co-friendly bear team, you can enter the playoffs, considering that the last round of the Xiong team will take some main players to save strength, so Vik The people ‘s wins are great.

[Event Review] Viking 27-9 reverses the lionViking people are unfavorable, and they have been connected to 3 years old by Lions. After 9 points, then gradually worked, 27-9 reversed the lion, and the quartet of the season.

After the last quarter of the season, the denim management is not prepared to make determined to change the coach team. But if they continue to lose the ball and the defensive group continues to perform bad performance, the high-level may change the idea.

Ben Roethlisberger has published his own feelings in December last year: «Washington is gradually quenching, it is necessary to play opportunities. Not because other people are not good, it is him. It can contribute to the team. & Hellip; & hellip; we need to rotate, let him play, he has the desire to attack, he wants to get a number of code for us. «

Although the cowboy is not intended to change the coach group in the stage of 1 win and 3 losses. Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President Stephen Jones, said that they did not intend to make any significant changes.

Throughout the history, the first week of the 2016 season, although it looks a little bad, it is not the worst. Since the 2010 season, the upstream of the shot is the 10th week of the 2011 season, and the players played a total of 19 shots. The remaining ranking is as follows:

WEEK 10, 2011: 19

WEEK 2, 2013: 17

WEEK 12, 2012: 16

WEEK 9: 2012: 16

WEEK 16, 2014: 15

WEEK 17, 2012: 15

WEEK 16, 2011: 15

WEEK 4, 2015: 14

WEEK 10, 2010: 14

WEEK 3, 2010: 14

Steel people take over Washington asks for team to trade themselvesUS time is reported on Friday, according to ESPN reporters, steel people take over James Washington has formally proposed the requirements of the team trading.

In addition to these three groups, other players who protect the shoot are also very important. In many amateur alliances, the offensive line of playing the ball is often difficult to block the defensive impact, causing many teams to choose two points without one point at the additional division, facing this situation, many primary schools in the United States, junior high school The rules of the league stipulate that when the attachment points, you can choose to have two points, and only 1 point is reached again.

The first week of regular season, the squad: the ball doorUnveiling Wars on Thursday night, the Carolina black leopard is 1 point behind, the game is 9 seconds, the black panting kicks GaNo 50 yards shot, and it is partially biased. The defending champion horing will win again. Also, Night Race, Arizona was 2 points behind, 40 seconds left, and the rickets were advanced to the range of shooting. However, the long-player kick lost, the kick is 2 yards. Although the blackener finally put the ball, but disrupted the rhythm of the player Catanzaro, the ball is also biased left, the red ramp lost competition. Even the original stable additional shooting door, but also because I have moved a lot of 6 yards, there is only a lot of suspense. Only in the first week of this season, there is a sea-eagle shooting (and flying outrage) and jet additional points. Two additional shot of the blocking door failed. This is forced that Auckland raids still in force after the last moment of success, still forcibly choose to play two points. Of course, their efforts have also been returned, and the crabtree is successful. The raid people are more than 1 point, and the saints will continue to advance to the possible range, and their 61 yards are smashed and miss the column. In addition, the two shots of Viking Walsh failed, including the 37-yield shot of a leaflet, this season’s shooting seems to be the same as the curse.

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