Josh-Gordon: A lot from Bradi

Josh Gordon said in Brown, it can be said that the accident is constant, and many times have been banned from the field, and he has also caused him to be ultimately traded to the new England Patriots. After coming to the new East, Gordon re-confirmed his talent and strength.

Each boy has a dream of flying, but not everyone can really fly. Harrison — Smith football talent so that he could become a professional pilot, but the desire of the sky so he was admitted to choose their own pilot’s license. In 2015 he completed the first independent flight, a few months after he was first elected to the Pro Bowl.

2017 season, Harrison — Smith created a great data. Throughout the season, all to his region pass passing score only 22.0, ranking first all-league defensive backs. This is what the concept? Even after the quarterback throw the ball directly to the kick-off of each file, is better than the challenges Harrison — Smith!

Most of the players and the league compared to Harrison — Smith was too low-key. Even open search engine, you also see much news about him off the search. He put all passion spent on the football field, leaving the court to become a return to the average person looks like.

Cowboy three defensive members will not play this week

In this week, the winner will lack the help of the critical members of the three defensive groups. Justin Durant, defensive front line members David — Oralwalk Orlando — Candrek (Orlando Scandrist) will not go to New York.

Coao: Katnik performance like superman

During the last season of the playoffs, Colin Kaepernick has imitated Cam Newton’s «Superman» celebration in the Black Panther. In the first game of the season, Kelnik defeated the black panther again with the four-point guards in his career. This time, he showed his «steel body». Capenik took advantage of his strong arms and completed 2 powerful passes in the first attack, giving up to achieve a decline.

NFL player gains more 2021ESPY awards

With the excellent performance of the 2021 season, Tom — Brady (Tom Brady) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to gain a foothold in this ESPY (Excellence annual sports performance) awards.

John Harbaugh — Hubble (John Harbaugh) is this evaluation of his love: 2 files started at the beginning of the game, Katnik first deceived defeat, using the strength of the wrist to pass 30 to 40 yards. Anquan Boldin ran an extraline and continued to complete the promotion after the ball. After that, in the next attack, Katnik got rid of the defensive player through his own run, and came to the right side of the side. It is still a bore of a bullet, and I found near-end Maunton, Vernon Davis in the end area.

After participating in the team break, running guards C. J. Anderson (C. J. Anderson) clearly indicated that there is no peaceton manning, which will include increasing attention to the offensive of the shock.

Hubble is excited in an interview: In my opinion, only 2 people in the world can complete such an attack, one is Kelnick, the other is the person who paints «S» in the chest. Hubble integrates Cape Nick’s expression as «wonderful», he even said: Some people in front of the game have said that Katnik’s passing ability is no longer. For wholesale Jerseys Capenik, remarks always surround him, there are many different descriptions, different perspectives. Some people like you, some people don’t. But no matter how, Capenk’s performance should be «a +».

Gordon ‘s leadership of Braddy is full: «I feel that he is a hard work. He also confirmed my idea. He loves his family, often chatting with the children, because I also have a family room, so I can feel the same. He also enjoys the game and the game. «

9.17 After coming to the Patriot, Gordon played 9 games, completed 34 battles, pushed 605 yards, reached 3 times, including the Braddy’s 500th pass to the game. His ball promoted the number of code ranks second, second only to James White (659 yard).

The wild horses have only 25 offensive at the last season to make two runners at the same time, but this year’s snap-in will have a focus on the offensive front line. They signed off-attack, Russell Okung and Donald Stephenson, in addition, two full-service & mdash; & mdash; Zhu Wang-Tomson (Juwan Thompson) and Xiuxi Andy Janovich got a large number of appearance time. The wild horses have retained the two running guards of last seasons & mdash; & mdash; Anderson and Ronnie Hillman.

43-year-old Brady won the «Best Athlete Award for men’s sports» and «cheap nfl jerseys Player of the Year Award.» Although his career has entered the first 21 years, but Brady was still able to complete pass forward 4633 yards, 40 touchdowns, only steals 12 times the performance, help the pirates won the Lombardi Cup, the seventh get personal career gold Super Bowl ring.

[Starchaser Guide # 8: Harrison — Smith of the eight faces, you know what?

Defensive backs, including cornerback and safety guard. But no matter cornerback or safety guard, to the NFL level are dominated by black players. Today the league, can play on the main white standing only three defensive backs, are the Baltimore Ravens veteran Eric — Waddell, Jeff Dallas Cowboys — Heath, as well as paper protagonist, Minnesota Vikings 22, Harrison — Smith.

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