The giant needs Sodel to make a stable performance in the second season of their effectiveness. After launching a 4-year 62 million US dollar contract last year, despite the continuous improvement of the season, Sodell’s performance can only be flat.

Sodell said that his ankle injury is very good and is expected to fully resume training at the July 26 giant to start training: «There is no reason to think that I will not participate in the training camp.»

These outstanding data do not fully explain the importance of Bathyri for the packaging workers. His vitality and enthusiasm for the packaging workers with the most reliable offensive front lines of the alliance to a key role. The packaging worker offensive front line This season will only get 19 kids in the opponent.

Shelman has publicly expressed that it is willing to return to 49 people or Hawks. He has been effective in the former in the past three years, and the latter is his place to play a reputation and rank in the top corner.

The ball returned to the lightning, Rivers retrieved the hand, the airfire has been opened, and the wild horse defensive group is obsessed with the absence, and it cannot stop the opponent’s continuous advancement. The second quarter started, Rivers short passed to Melvin Gordon, Dalun! Lightning is rapidly chasing points, 7: 7.

Typically, the team pays his highest salary on a player only a season of highlights. Therefore, although Hongki wants to reach a multi-year contract now, Coss and his team wants to wait again — As time, the capital will change the capital of the contract. .

Shelman has been selected for the best lineup, but he only wounded 5 games last season, he said in an interview: «I want to join the team that can compete for the championship, this is my present goal, I am waiting for the right Opportunity. (Opportunity) When I arrive, I can join the right team. «

Giant left-off S Shedel is expected to be ready to participate in the training camp

On June 25, when the New York Giants played in the second year, most of the Nate Solder was unable to participate in training due to an ankle joint surgery.

The wild horses enter the winning mode and use the running ball to consume time. Jamaal Charles caused Bosa after a missed, bad habits, was knocked down by Korey Toomer, and caused the ball, defending the defender, Kathy-Haiwo Casey Hayward picks up the ball to take the ball for the team. Rivers returned to the field, a long history of direct challenges, and took the 38 yards of Travis Benjamin completed the 38 yards, 21: 24!

wholesale nfl jerseys TV reporter Ian RapoPort reported on the report on the informed people reported that the left tunnel David — Baktiari was seriously injured in the training. Lobport said that Baktiari was considered to be torn before the knee, which means his season ended.

The first week of regular season, the lightning, lightning 21:24 regrets wild horses

In the first week of the 2017 season, the Denver Mangma met the Los Angeles lightning in the same area at home «Mile High» Stadium.

The 27-year-old Corson left a year of approximately 1,9 million contracts. If the 2017 continued, Hongki will pay for average of 2,000 average annual salary of 2,000 yuan in two years — close to Alon Rodgers’ NFL’s highest annual salary.

However, compared with Baldwin, the story of Bolfott is not so happy. This controversial Tiger Line must be seen in the game’s host to Buffalo Bill, may be seen in both hands on the viewers on the stand.

The wild horse defensive group is familiar with the routine of lightning attack, and there is no chance to give the opponent, forced lightning to abandon the ball. At this time, the wild horse is in the top, and the offensive firepower is full of flowering, the lightning defensive group has no way, but it is only a successful anti-repertority of the first quarter of the terminal area. The wild horses have chosen shooting in the third quarter. The leading advantage of 17 points enters the last section.

Then, the two sides abandoned each other, the wild horse held the ball, at this time, the running guard CJ-Anderson stood up, frequently won the number of large numbers, got a multi-first attack for the team. Ximeian Passing the close-up AJ-Deby (AJ Derby) moves the ball to the first 1 yard, Andon once again shocked the lightning defensive group to intercept in the half code, next to attack, wild horses four points The safety of the safety of Anderson, runs out of the pocket, watching the opportunity, looking for running routes, and finally relying on the personal sports ability, single-level defensive end of Joey — Bosa, The entry is completed, and 7: 14 is completed. The remaining time in the first half, both sides have not continued score.

Within a few hours, the eagle and Sam Bradford renewed a short-term contract. Red-skin Cork Cousins ​​is marked by the team to march the non-rhetoric privilege label, making other teams can’t chase Cousins.

BROCK OSWEILER: Other wholesale nfl Jerseys teams are closely focused on the progress of Osville and the old. Last season, in front of Perton Manning, Osville was started in the 7-point guard in 7 games in Peiton Manning. The wild horses have been published, hoping and Osville continues, and believes that Oswele can become their first quarter-off. But this is not a simple negotiation, first of all, some small procedures must be completed, followed by the team’s star rushing Hand Von Miller to use privileged labels.

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