Wild horses take over Emannur — Sanders unwilling to rebuild the contract

Beijing February 20th, Emmanuel Sanders, did not make people spend a lot of time to guess whether he will rebuild the contract.

The trajector’s external budget liberty is again absencing training in the next game.

Auckland raids took over Amari Cooper absents training again on Thursday. He did not participate in training yesterday.

At present, the wild horses are waiting for Pedon-Manning for the final decision of the future, whether Manning will return to the contract worth 19 million yuan, and if Manning returns to this will affect Os Willer choice.

The salary space of the wild horses is not unfair, and before the transaction of Joe-Vlaco (Joe FLACCO), there are currently 3752 US dollars, which is the 13th of the league. However, in view of Sanders, it may not be able to play a new season’s opening stage, which can not be able to organize 10.5 million US dollars.

And Texas is currently looking for a suitable four-point guard. They currently look at the draft market, but the reporter said that Texas is not interested in trading Corin — Colin Kaepernick, but their for Robert-Gri Robert Griffin III is intended.

The elbow tendonitis in the season last year is one of the reasons why Shao Bo’s performance is thus a bad position. However, the wholesale nfl jerseys official website reported that the arm of Shaohu’s arm has no longer has the strength of NFL.

Texas is interested in Brock-Osville

So far, Dan Buddha Horse has not reached any contract with your own quarter-free Brook Osweiler. In another week, Osville will become a free player. If all this has no change, then Osville will belong to another team after March 9.

Auckland raid sent a six-round sign from the rest of the afternoon last year, but the 33-year-old elderly four-point guards lost their first position before the start of the season, and the DREK CARR became Start. After the raid, the four-dimensional Swan Kristian-pound is better, and the bruces are more possible. Pound and another four-point Swan Matt McGloin will compete with the second quadrant position after the Car.

When the tweet returned to a Denver radio to adjust whether he would adjust the discussion of the contract: «This will not happen, it will not happen.» This means we can think that if the wild horse and Sanders are reconstructed Contract, Sanders will not agree.

It is not easy to predict that this quarter-saving is a rare. It can be kept in the top level for 20 years, and Braddy is the team & mdash; & mdash; or the entire league & mdash; & mdash; the most significant player. He will be 42 years old in August this year, no one knows how long he can keep such a ruling force.

The contract of Bradford will expire after the end of this season, the team has not decided to renew him with him. As the first, Bradford won 7 wins and 7 losses, passing the ball 3725 yards, and won the 19 Dalsets and was copied 14 times. In the event with the New York Giants, he was 38 trials to complete 30 times, and the 320 yard is accompanied by 2 reachaes.

It can be said that the injury in Sanders last season completely destroyed the pall attack of the wild horses, and the wild horse ended the season after his lack. Unless the injury of Sanders is difficult to heal and will ablate Most of the 2019 season, it will damage that he will harm the wild horses in the offensive tactics. After the introduction of the old will give him the best offensive player after VLC, it will be a stupid decision.

Eagle, new handsome: Bradford is suitable for my system

Philadelphia eagle ushered in the team new owner coach Doug Pederson. Talking about the future of the team, the first question is quiz. Pederson revealed in an interview that Sam Bradford can perfectly adapt to his offensive system.

Many old people have a lot of opportunities to stay in the array. If a young quadrant team needs a cheap old quarter-saving as a tutor, Shao Bo can continue to use the role to exert a waste heat. Otherwise, the old will only be retired in the union of 11 years.

Pederson said: «I think Sam is a high-quality quarter-saving, which is top-level. Take a look at his performance in the next half, I believe he can perfectly adapt to my offensive system. Of course, We also need to continue to assess this position, we will make a corresponding decision in the future. «In the 8th game, Bradford was 304 times, completed 202 times, promoted 2164 yards, and won 10 reached Critance 3 times. Since multiple quadrants enter the free market, the eagle has reason to make a decision.

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