Although there is a team to interested Ward, the wild horses can’t get deals, so they gave up the core players of the previous defensive group. He is the top 41 game for the wild horse, and it has achieved 3 copying and twice forcing the ball.

Brown announced that it is trimming the defensive cut-off Phil-Taylor

On Tuesday, Cleveland Branda announced that it was referending the defensive cut-Taylor. As the first round of 2011, Taylor is in the brown effectiveness for 4 seasons. According to NFL official website reporters, Brungee retreat is the cause of his injury. The front line player can get 5.47 million US dollars this season.

Dolphins will appoint Patriots Line guards Brian Floris as the main coach

Beijing January 12th According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the Miami Sea Dolphin will appoint the new England Patrioper Team Warner Brian Floris Brain Flores for the team’s new Coach. The patriot is still in the playoffs, so the dolphine team can’t just hire him before the patriots, but they hope to lock him first.

Due to accepting knee surgery, Taylor has absent the entire preseason. Mike Pettine also said on Monday, no conclusions for Taylor’s future. In the interview on Tuesday, Pe Ting said: «We need to leave space for the list, which requires some difficult choices.»

It has been rumored in the previous week that 30-year-old Ward will leave the wild horse after the first safety feel for 3 seasons. He has been plagued by leg tears during the training camp and his first position is taken away by Justin Simmons in the second grade SIMMONS.

When Conina’s mother Kelly-Bibbs walked into the house, she saw Connestay in the room, the corridor ended «Welcome Home» balloon. Bishi couldn’t help but tears and walked out of the house. When she returned to the house again, Connant and brothers shouted: «Welcome home!»

Cona wrote on Instagram: «Welcome home mom! You pay so much, how do we express your gratitude? You are the reason why I work hard every day, in order to finally give you a place where it is called home. I love you.»

Taylor wholesale jerseys performs efficient in the anti-running and wholesale nfl jerseys still eliminating the possibility of he will return to Brown. This season, Brown got defending Danny Shelton in the draft, he will be and Landy Starks and Desmond Bryant (DESMOND BRYANT) Composition team front line. If Shelton does not meet the requirements of the team, Taylor will still be a good choice.

The Floris University Age is effective in Boston College. He began in patriotics in 2004. His first job in the team is a scout assistant. In 2008, he became an assistant coach in 2008, and he served as a defensive group assistant coach, attack Group Assistant coach, special service group coach, safety guards, and current line guards. Due to Matt Patricia, he also assumed the responsibility of laying tactics, and was successful. This season’s defenders were ranked 7th place (field) Even 20.3 points).

Haiwu Debei has only 3 shots 33 yards last year. He was taken away at the first round of the first round of the first round of the seventh time, and this speed outline has never reached the expectation, and the raid is only 517 yards in average. He transferred to the Pony, and he added a bottom salary last year.

Floris will take over the team that is in the rebuild. The Dolphin has been ranked 27th (27.1 points) in this season (27.1 points), and finally achieved 7 wins and 9 negative records. The team is currently facing internal reconstruction, and the management believes that Floris is the coach they need. Floris will also become a patriot defensive coordinator who is a patriotic defensive coordinator who is appointed by the Dolphin Team.

All in all, it is very clear that Floris has become a rough road to the main coach, but it also has accumulated extensive experience. According to La Portport, after receiving a variety of praises from many patriot volunteers, Dolphin believes that Floris has been prepared to become the main coach.

Patriot coach Belick did not attend the physical test to visit the Tennessee

These days, Indiana Polis attracted all the NFL fans, and all teams sent people to see the candidate players who would participate in the draft.

«We didn’t take this as a big thing, no propaganda, did not tell other players to come. I don’t want to turn this exam into circus, everyone comes to see Baile Trick coach. So this exam did not pay attention to, «The team coach Rick Stokestil said. «He is very kind, chatting with us, which is also reflected in the way he treats Thane Enhan, asking his questions and the way two communicated.»

Bellchk has a holiday home nearby, he called the team’s four-point guards Tony Franklin asked whether you can come to the school to visit the player. Creek at the time in Georgia, but he was in the school after being told that Belipk was commenced.

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