Dez — Bryant does not regret to refuse the crow contract

Earlier this week, the front teammate of Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, said that he thought Dedz would join the package. But on Tuesday vetoed this possible route.

Jevis — Randri: It is still not born to prevent my corner.

Miami Dolphin’s External Threaded Jarvis Landry does not seem to lack confidence. As his team entered the playoff, and his outstanding play, Randri made a confident answer when he was interviewed.

Bryant’s answer is firm. He said that he «not» regret it, but «very grateful» The crow is willing to give him this contract. He also pushed the instructions, and he did not consider retirement. There is no status signing with the team will also affect his personal decision. These two twits can some extent be deemed to be counterattable on the media.

With the contrast of Bryant’s downs, the previous collar will look precious. Some people are curious, this exterior will not regret that she will refuse the decision of the crow. Tuesday night, some people issued this question on this issue.

49 people attacked Joe-Stalley to gratifying Gallo: «When he just came for two days, he had already showing the most popular in Jung and exercises. He will remind everyone: & lsquo;, pay attention, we have to do this & hellip; & hellip; & rsquo ;. Playing with him does not need to be tested, because Gallo Polo will not be very arrogant. He just tells you what to do, I want to be in New England The patriot ‘experience is definitely helpful to him. «

Stalley said: «Once you have confidence in your four-point bath, the entire collective level will be different. The election of the season has also seen it, Gallopo drives his teammates, we are very happy Can let him stay in the team, experience the break, training camp, and the next season. «

Subsequently, the reporter asked a one-on-one situation, there should be people to prevent Randri, the reporter, including the Corner Wei Richard Sherman, Arizona Richarman, Arizona, Richard Sherman (Patrick Peterson), New England Patriots Corner Marcolm Butler, Kansas Emirates Marcus Peters, Even Den Sanders I have asked, but Landri’s answer is: «They can’t do it, because my will tell me that I will not let them prevent me.»

Lynch was 49 people selected by San Francisco in the fifth round of San Francisco in 2014. In the 6-year ending, he won 20 times and kill 105 times. He will provide lineup depth for the outer rushing position of the Jagua’s outer rushing position that has already happened in this year.

Linqi has played the role of Chicago in the past two seasons, Www.Top.Rkka.Es during the 29 games (first three games). In these 2 years, he mainly served as a rotation player, 5 kills, 22 times, 3 destroyed passes and 1 copy.

Baltimore Crow announced the contract for 1 year with the PERNELL MCPHEE. The team also signed with the five-wheeled show defensive dish. Rodrick — Washington. Washington is the first signature of the 2020th Dictionary.

Who can think that the number of the number one now is almost hit the brand of «water» today. Fortunately, Adams credited his talent in the third year of career. In this issue, «Star Guide», let us know «suspected parallel» de Wante-Adams.

Adams born in 1992 were less than 26 years old, even in the professional sports circle, it was a young man. However, after the Did Nielsen left, Adams has become the second long external hand in the packaging warefart. No matter what he is willing, he has to shoulder the responsibility of the leader of the group.

As the saying goes, «things are three», before the patient’s patient exhausted, Adams finally ushered in the career well bouting period. The regular season is 997 yards, completing 13 games, and the two data far exceeded the first two years. You must know that unfortunately NFL has no progress, the fastest player, otherwise Adams must be the big popularity of the year.

[Star Guide] # 12: Del Wante — Adams’s 8 sides, do you know?

The 9th week of the regular season, the Green Bay packaging work will challenge the New England Patriots. This game is concerned about because the two major alliances have the opportunity to talk to direct dialogue. However, compared to the Aerobics of Gronzki, Josh-Godden, the packager’s garnish group is quite cold.

As the only professional team that retains the empty age of the ancient times, Green Bay Packaging Workers Holdings by Green Bay Residents. The lack of strong capital is also difficult for them to be able to grab people in the free market. After completing the best, after the best white, they are the most reliable external connections, which is the de Wante-Adams, 17. Adams.

The raids of this season have been in a long time, and Carl also suffers from pressure from all parties. Adams enaculates the peach, standing out for your friends: «The raid people are indeed in the dilemma, but I believe that Dreik has the ability to lead them out of the quagmire.»

Adams that gradually adapt to Green Bay cold weather increasingly increasing the status of the team, becoming the second hand of the packaging worker. In front of him is the most reused red area weapon for the packaged workers in the past ten years: Yudi Nelson.

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