Belseur’s next season has dropped Cheap jerseys from china $ 4.5 million to $ 2 million. If Besell can make a good performance, he still has the opportunity to increase salary. His contract will last until the 2018 season.

Mike Maccagnan, who had the previous jet, said that the jet will have a four-defense when it is necessary, obviously this is necessary, and he also said that Fitz Patrick’s contract problem is in the team. Exceptified plans.

The Burg Bruce — Alians (Bruce Aria) has said last season, making Bakelle’s attempts to «process a little failure» in the second line. Defensive groups have been due to probably one of Bessel has to accept the salary.

Red Rhodija Justin — Bessue next season paymentJustin Bethel has excellent performance in the special service group, three degrees from 2013-5, and selection of all-pro of ALL-PRO twice. But the attempt to transition from the season last season is not going well.

NFL TV reporter Tom Pelissero reported that the four-point Wei Tienson-Hill has agreed to sign a $ 21 million contract, which will make him play for the team to 2021 Season. This contract consists of $ 16 million security income, counted the prize worth of up to $ 22 million.

Bryant said: «I will play. It is not necessarily for cowgirl, fans, hey, I want to play, so I will cherish all opportunities. I will try to do the team asking me to do, do the best yourself, Contribute to all possible ways. Even if it is given four-point guard, give the running guard, pointing to the young quadrant. I just & hellip; & hellip; I miss the game. «

After joining the saints in 2017, Hill ranked in 2018, he proved that he can play any role that the team’s request. Last season, Hill has played in 16 consecutive seasons. 6 passed 3 times successfully achieved 55 yards, completed 27 shots to get 156 yards and 1 time, completed 19 times to get 234 yards 6 Deta.

Hill once said in February that he believed that he was able to serve as a team, and claimed to leave the saints for this purpose. About one week, Bris announced that it would return to the saints. In this regard, Hill said that there is an opportunity to serve as a multi-purpose substitute rather than just four-point guards are «invaluable» experience.

From the photo we can see the Northern snacks remain good, the muscle lines behind the back are very obvious. In the photo, Newton is preparing to throw the ball. We can confident that people guarding the door must be very afraid, because Newton is a player with a big contract, and people who spend the bakestick can wounded.

Hill signed a first round of bidding contract worth $ 4.66 million in March. Therefore, in fact, his renewal contract is $ 16.3 million in 1 year. Not long ago, the saints are expected to sign the Jameis Winston for 1 year.

Breddy University is the main four-point guardian of the University of Michigan, but at the time, the head coach of the university has always made it unique to challenge his status. Although Braddy has experienced the test every time, it has always been advanced as a four-dimensional guard, but this situation allows the team to be uneasy, I don’t know what problems in the Michigan team, in addition, the scouting report describes Brea. Di «slow speed, poor arm strength, unable to send long biography», these effects have affected his draft position. With the end of the election, Braddy fell into the ice cave until the 6th round of 199, the patriot Bill Belichick finally selected Braddy.

Patriot 4-point Wei Tom-Braddy IntroductionTom Brady, born on August 3, 1977, height of 193 cm, weight 102 kg, and the field is a four-point guard, which is currently effective in the NFL New England Patriots Team.

Breddy’s four rate teams won the super bowl, three times got a superbweed MVP and two regular game MVP, which is one of the most successful quarters of today’s alliance. Today, Brradi has been 38 years old. He is still the first quarter of the Patriot team, and he is still the quarter of the four-point guard in this alliance. Braddy and Joe-Montana are the only two players who have two collishers who have two regular games that have been collisted twice in regular season MVP and four super bowls.

In the first season, Braddy was only the fourth shift of the team, and there was a risk of layoffs at any time. However, due to the main injury, Braddy became the first quarter-saving, and no one can hit his position, just like a college period. For more than a decade, Braddy and Piliceth were also friends, and they were closely intimate. They were even known as the strongest «player coach combination» of NFL.

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