Brown tickle Condy signed the Saint Saint teamThe Cleveland Brown finally made the decision to replace the player, the team announced that it is very bad to play the performance that is very poor, Billy Cundiff, from the free player market, Toytha, Garrett Hartley.

«But he played in a new defensive group. He cooperated with new teammates. Communication, terminology is brand new. So I think this point, I really want to praise our coach team and player in remote conference The achievements, as this obviously continued to spend the time before training camp and the time of training camp. Altong will achieve a great start. He is impressive. Still very fluent. «

Hartley was active in the New Orleans Saint team in 2008-20, with a total of 57 shots 82, from the warm and unheatched saints the ball to the cold and windy Cleveland, Hartley Need some adaptation process.

The Detroit Lion has completed the last day reversal in the first week of the game, and they lagn behind Arizona with 17-15 before the start of the fourth quarter, but eventually won the final victory in 23-35. The lion said that the last day turned the big devil, and once the game was completed in the last season to reverse the victory, the NFL single season. Quartz Ma Xiu-Stafford came from 292 yards and 4 times to reach, since 2011, the leadership of the year, the leadership of the joint attack, and all Cheap Nfl Jerseys quartz is the most in the same stage. And the new show will also have a high-light performance in the first show. In the fourth section, he won the ball and the second hero of the lion reversed.

The New York Giants have won 50 home opening of the 50th home in the history of NFL, and is one of the four teams who have only winning at least 50 open red competitions in history. Faced last week to Dallas Cowboy, four points Wei Yilai Manning continuously debut 200 games, became a second-point guardian Square, Baize Falf (297) and his brother Papeton — Manning (208 games ), The third continuous first quadruple player, and he is also the only four-point guard in the active service. However, although Eli maintains a very high attendance rate, Xiahe does not come back, the giant team’s offensive efficiency will be greatly reduced.

Cantivian missed the team’s training on Friday, which is also rumored that he will keep the work next day, very unhappy. The Brown team did not end the Indianapolis hippi, and Comard was a 40 yard free kick in the upper half. This ball played a certain decisive role. Convevs’ total of 29 shots 22, but considering that his range is limited, many times the Brown team must take different tactics.

The best special team player of the United States:

Anthony Dixon, Buffalo Bill, Runover / Special Series

In the game of Bill Great New York Jet, Dickson once blocked the opponent’s abandonation, helping the team to grab the ball in the end area to complete the reach. In addition, he completes a mushroom to reach.

Regular season, Monday, Night Race, Lion @ giant forward-lookingThe 2017 season regular season is about to usher in the battle of the second week, and the first week’s reversal will challenge the first round of the ugly New York giant. Can the giant return to the Metropolis Stadium to win the home? The lion is extremely strong, I don’t know what surprise will bring us this week.

The alliance announced the best player last week, the crowThis week, Baltimus Junja Jaster, Fostt, was rated as the best offensive player in the United States. This is the second time he has received this award in the last 3 weeks. Fost rushed out of 182 yards in the game with the Saints of the New Orleans, and completed the 2-time Daren to help the team won. In the game, Fost still expressed patiently, his punch code or even exceeded 8 yards. A continuous excellent play has made it a biggest harvest this season, and the team quickly found alternative after losing Ray Rice.

MELE Week’s best defensive player:

Charles Woodson, Auckland Assault, Safety

Woodson’s full game was completed 9 times, taking a pass for 1 time, and completed 1 time. The 38-year-old old will eventually help the team’s first victory, and his performance makes people feel that he is only 24 years old.

Giant boss is not full, take over Baker Hamda Celebration ActionNew York Giants Boss John Mara (John Mara) said that the team would resolve the outside of Odel-Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) reached the impact of the Dog Beckham Jr.

Sanchez makes the eagle’s offense more high-speedAs Mark Sanchez became the team’s first four-point guard, the festival of Philadelphia eagle also became faster. Catholic Chip Kelly always requires the team to design a lot of details before the game, so that you can attack the rhythm of the opponent through the unconstraffy. During the four-guards of Nick Foles, the team already had a very good attack speed. They often have the opponent to make unexpected attacks.

A day ago, the team coach Ben McAdoo refused to go directly to the media directly to Bakerham. McCadu claims that he is more willing to discuss the performance of Beckham in the game, not his celebration.

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