Many fans hope that the team can dismiss Schutheimer and find a more appropriate new coordinator. Fans believe that all the potential of Tavon Austin is a key reason for the team offensive struggle, and Schottharimer has proved its incompetence on this issue.

The focus of the patriot this allegation may be Jack Easterby. He has served as the Director of the Patriot Team Development, and this year’s offering period he joined Texas as a vice president responsible for the development of the team. He participated in the prince’s champion ring issuance ceremony.

Fisher does not intend to replace the team attack coordinator

This season, the attack problem of St. Louis ram is still not resolved. The injuries of Sam Bradford may become an excuse, Nostalgirock.Se but more fans still choose to align the spearnel to the offense coordinator Brian-Shugantheimer. He led the offensive group of this season only in the League 28th.

A similar incident in the last alliance is also related to patriots. In December 2014, New York Jet Board Woody-Johnson (Woody Johnson) said that it would like to be a patriot’s corner Dalrer Revel Revis, can return to the team. Rewis signed a 5-year contract with jet in the 2015 break. Johnson was accused of not impacting the patriots players and was imposed on 100,000 US dollars.

Former Falcon, Roddy White, recently revealed that the Falcon’s lobbies were huge for their former players, fans and bets, and White final in Laswi Gas lost $ 40,000. However, he said that Baxley lost his own one.

The red skin encounters the four defensive problems, and the first selection is undecided.

The four-defense issues of Washington Hongdi once again triggered, Robert Griffin III did not have a launch in two consecutive weeks. However, the original first four-dimensional Bath-McCoque is injured in the second half, which gives Griffin’s chance to debut. According to the latest news, McCay will accept the admission to further examine, and whether the next week will be doubtful.

For the Jeff Fisher, he has its own view. In an interview, Fisher revealed that there was no replacement of the offensive coordinator: «I think Brian has a very good tactical ability. His organizational ability is a very good teacher. We can’t put all the questions It is unfair to blame. «Maybe Fisher is right, some teams of the alliance have proven the basic elements of the coach to keep patient. Perhaps the Schotang Hainad, he is just a healthy Bradford.

NFL is the definition of unfairly influence: «An any member team conducted by another team’s employer employee relationship or a team attempt to attract others in the case of not allowed to join this ball. Team or work for alliances. «

Before the end, McCay 32 times tried to complete 20 times, won the 199 yard, and was killed 6 times while being copied twice. After Griffin played, 4 passed 3 times, and won the 33 yard was killed once. Griffin said: «I don’t know if this is a new opportunity for me. Of course, this is not what I can decide. I can do it as much as possible to help the team win, always prepare, in the ball The team needs me to stand up. «

For Jay Grudeen, Jay Gruden, who has been surrendered by St. Louis Ram 24-0, which has caused a lot of fans, and he needs to find a solution to the problem in the shortest possible time. The current top priority is still a quarter-saving candidate. Grunette said: «We must find that person, the person who can lead the offensive group. Griffin previous performances can not satisfy us, so he can only wait for opportunities in the replacement. What we need to do now is research Recording, find a solution to the problem. «

Although the front line of the Patriots team is suffering cheap jerseys from china the front line, it is still a significant rebound in the last five games. Every game is only killed once in the game, the game of tigers, Bill, jet, jet, and wild horses, and the pony team has been killing 25 times this season, so this game attacked The protection of Brradi on the front line will be critical.

A huge NFL news maker has stuck us, so that we are deeply blocked in the quagmires in exaggerating their words and the metaphor of inclusions. It firmly grasps the number of people and stories that can be numbered, and it is delayed.

Many people may have forgotten Tredeville, because his rookie season has quietly quiet. The 23rd in 2016 is not a moment in the season, and the data with a single season 1 is over the new show. Trudville, who is attending a line, has spent five and a half weeks, and Pat Shurmur, team offensive group coordinator. STEFON DIGGS, showing the universal underestimated Adam Thielen and X factors Michael Freud is currently on the big list of Viking people. But only Trudvil’s template is the legend of Michael Irvin. Minnesota can’t wait any longer.

Charles — Barkeley Super Bowl Prestressed Falcon Loss 100,000 US dollars

Atlanta Falcon’s 51st super bowl really broke the heart of the fans, they lost their games in the case of 25 points, but their losses may not be a bad thing for many gamblers.

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