Although the data tells us that the expression of Purquina does not be crazy in Arianis, no one can deny that they have achieved this year. As the most balanced team in the Alliance, the goal of the rickets will be to impact the super bowl. In front of the champion, the meaning of any data will be very limited.

Arreon is shocked for the teamArizona Tsear seems to create a fun record in this season. At present, the team has completed 57 times, but only tried to abandon 55. They are expected to have more than to abandon their numbers at the end of the regular season.

Revis will train with former Patriots teammateCornerback Darrell — Revis (Darrelle Revis) had as a free agent to join the New York Jets and New England Patriots did not participate in the Super Bowl championship ring presentation ceremony, but he did not completely cut off contact with former Patriots teammates .

The head coach Bruce-Aria was shocked to this data, he said: «This maybe I heard the cracked data. We have completed a lot of excellent data, but this may be the most proud of you «However, when we studied historical statistics, it will find that this data is not so mad. In the past 12 seasons, at least one team reached more than the number of abandonment. Among them, the number of new England Patriots in the 2007 season is 30 times.

This week, for the ram fans, the most exciting news is that the defensive core Chris Long is finally going back. He participated in the team on Wednesday and showed excellent. The team coach Jeff-Fisher revealed that the ram was activated in the local time, and he was removed from the injury reserved list.

«I understand his feelings. He hurts, I have played with him, knowing that he is in the locker room, knowing how he helps him. So I have begun to try to pull him. If it is not too late to come true surprise.»

Rock has no doubt is the best quarterfield in the wild horse. Let them have the greatest victory opportunities in the face of recent dolphins. If Locke can’t appear, then the wild horse may have to enable the replacement of the four-point guards of Jeff Driskel or Brett Rypien, which has led the wild horse to win, but still Not enough to make the wild horse confidence.

Revis will train together next month, and some second-tier Patriots defensive player. Patriot security guard Devin — McCaw pedicle (Devin McCourty) to the ESPN reporter said he, cornerback Logan — Ryan (Logan Ryan) and Thai security guard — Wilson (Tavon Wilson) will start Cheap Jerseys From China July 12 to training camp in preparation, and their method of preparation is to train with Revis and trainer.

Last summer, the first patriot of the effectiveness of Revis is also the only pre-season, these players also participated in the same training. «Can be trained to develop more friendships between the respective able to stay together for a long time every day, which is good for us.» Revis said so while talking to the media last year of training.

The manifestation of injuries and Locke has become the biggest factor affecting the performance of the wild horse. Even when it is possible to play, Locke’s performance is not good, the success rate of passing the ball is only 55.0%, obtaining 7 pass to more than 10 pass passes, and only win 2 games in 7 games. Wild Horse This season mistakes, there is a total of 21 mistakes to hand in the ball, ranked first.

Marshawn Lynch was taken away by the injury, Martin got more punch tasks. The initial raids did not have to choose to leave him, but turned to try Aliaah Crowell (ISAIAH Crowell). However, after Croovil, I suffered from tear injuries, and the raid people gave Martin a year of $ 1020 million contracts.

«Not what I want to blow, but I am indeed his first person.» McCoo said, «I have experienced similar things, so I compare him, although I was traded. But Regardless of the transaction, only the information is only conveyed: you are not good enough. «

Locke’s performance did not save the team in the water, he had 26.3% of the passed the ball that was not received by the ball, and it was the highest (at least 100 passes). Such performance is unfavorable to Locke, the first three-point guards in the 2019 season, the four-point guards, the current fate can only be the team No. 3 quartz, including Drescol.

The male defensive end of the ram is recovering, looking forward to this week.The St. Louis Ram is accustomed to the training of a week on Wednesday on Wednesday. In recent weeks, the team decided to give some important players a day, they were allowed to wait until the team on Thursday. This week, Robert Quinn, Scott Wells and Eugene SIMS are absent on Wednesday.

US Sunday, according to NFL NetWork reporters report, the raid people have added this old to joining the injury reserves. But both sides are conducting consultations, Martin is expected to be cut off soon.

In an interview, Lang said that he wanted to participate in the game last week, but the team asked him to rest for a week to determine the body. Lang believes that participation in a complete training can help you find the rhythm of the game, he can play in this week with the Auckland raid. For rams, they are not rushing to let Lang back. Fisher will make a decision before the start of the game according to his situation.

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