Floris will take over the team that is in the rebuild. The Dolphin has been ranked 27th (27.1 points) in this season (27.1 points), and Www.wethesecondright.com finally achieved 7 wins and 9 negative records. The team is currently facing internal reconstruction, and the management believes that Floris is the coach they need. Floris will also become a patriot defensive coordinator who is a patriotic defensive coordinator who is appointed by the Dolphin Team.

Spitle’s performance in the hand of Nathaniel Hackett in Malone and offensive coordinators is not as good as the 2012 season, but his return should help the team enhance their attacks, The offensive group won the 253 yards in the competition for the winner last week but did not reach.

League penalty Jose-Norman 25,000 US dollars

Recently NFL officially opened 25,000 US gold tickets, punished Washington Red Leather Washing San — Norman in London, in London, the race of the referee after the game of Sincona.

Previously, Normman gave a penalty to express his dissatisfaction. He said: «Who is the No. 88 referee, you are really bad, I just put him out, we are playing with physical contact, everyone knows, let us come Here is for international competitions, this referee needs to be condemned. «

Bill activates the Virtier, which is expected to debut this week.

After the key battle of Buffalo, Buffalo needs to continue to win to continue to win the game, and this week’s main running guards CJ Spiller Has been hurt, they need him to increase offensive strength.

So when the red bird is in the Famous Hall of Fame, Drew Stanton will serve as the first quartz. I don’t know if Dak Prescott will appear for the cowboy, but it can be said that he will not play a lot of time. Once the fans think of the meaning of the preseason, then their excitement will not last long.

A beautiful and great over the top, CASPER did it! This successful 42-yard ball promoted the shooting of the slightest score, while playing the game Errol Mann successfully shot the game to finally drag into the addition.

Casper’s wonderful DEEP POST after the top of the top, successfully helped the team to take the tower to take the game into the time and finally win the most famous. And this is a more famous name & mdash; & mdash; ghost to the post!

Palmer and Fitzgerarke will not participate in the celebrities.

Beijing July 23, the appearance of the season is usually disappointed. The fans can only read the three-tier players who have been excited to finally have the game but they can only see a group of three-tier players who fight for the chance of levy. At least Arizona Red President Bruce Alians warned you in advance.

This game Dave Casper is very efficient, 4 codes got 70 yards and 3 times, and the efficiency is amazing. And another master of the «Ling Snake» raid team quartz, Ken Stabler, who didn’t die in the past, and he did not enter the famous Hall of the famous Hall.

On December 24, 1977 Christmas Eve, three festivals were more than 31-28 leading the raid. When the game has not been over a minute, the raid team owner coach John Madden called a pause. In this suspend, the raid team offensive coordinator Tom Flores arranged a tactics of double-exterior pick-up ball, and told the quarter-free Ken Stabler to let Casper execute POST tactics, be sure to get the depth attack guarantee The team can have an exclusive opportunity to take the game in the last moment, and this happened to happen.

Texas is not completely giving up resistance. They have been forced to give up four consecutive times, but they have two copying, one strong failure, and a safe division is not helpful. In the end, Darius Leonard copied Deshaun Watson passed, let the game lose suspense.

He said in the official website of the team: «He is now hurt now, so I am looking forward to seeing the situation of his training this week. His previous performance is very good, re-entering the team’s list is very big. «

The red skin is actually a good, and the defensive group does limit the San Francisco attack. However, the quartz Kazikikink, Case Keenum, is unable to attach, and he has completed 9 times in 12 times, and the 77 yards were promoted, and they were killed 3 times.

Scelple can debut this week after the post-8-week short injury reserve window. Doug Marrone (Doug Marrone) announced this week to activate him in the 53rd list, and the situation based on his training this week will be adjusted.

NFL nearly 50 years classic battles: POST ghost

Dave Casper, nickname «Ghost», one of the greatest proximal pendants in NFL history, in 1974-1980, effective in Auckland raid. This is until today, the five men who have a single-ended proud NFL history today, give you too many wonderful performances.

All in all, it is very clear that Floris has become a rough road to the main coach, but it also has accumulated extensive experience. According to La Portport, after receiving a variety of praises from many patriot volunteers, Dolphin believes that Floris has been prepared to become the main coach.

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