Kray Matthew: I want to become more influentialThe last game of this Sunday is very important for Green Bay packaging and Minnesota, and the packaging works in the line matthews feel that their game is still needed. Do improve.

«I like our current record. I can feel the playoffs & mdash; & mdash; I have been thinking about the season of the playoffs. Do you fight for these important moments. Otherwise, what is the purpose of playing? This is the purpose of your play. «

Kelly talked about Ford: The big list is controlled by me.Philadelphia Eagle 4-point 卫 Nik-Work will be missed for the next 6 to 8 weeks, the head coach Qip Kelly will firmly use Mark Sanchez as a team. Quarter. Kelly praised Sanchez in front of the media, called him «people who can lead the team.» These remarks can not help but make people feel worried about the future of Falls. We want to know if he is still part of the future plan.

It has always been the favorite of the giant fans. The reason may be that the 42nd and 46th Super Bowl Giants have won the new England patriot, and the fans are generally believed to rely on Tuck outstanding performance to defeat each other.

Giant is considering the trading line Wei Divile-VernonBeijing March 2, US Time, according to cheap nfl Jerseys From China NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport and Mike Garafolo, the giant is considering the trading line Wei Orville The feasibility of Olivier Vernon.

Tucking has got a 2nd super bowl in the giant helping the team. He is a giant team 2005 to the 2013 season’s punishment, he has completed 60.5 quartz to kill in New York, in 2008 and 2010 Occupational bowl.

The 6th occupational bowl player believes that he needs to become more influential. He explained: «I need to find a way to make myself more influential, this is not related to my technology and the rank effort I should be the most destroyed person, no matter what I am still in this game. «

There are two years left by Fernon contract, with a basic salary of more than $ 30 million. The hands of the rushing hands have been very fragrant, but there are also many best choices in the free market and draft this year, such as Tre Flowers, Frank Clark, Preston — Smith (Preston SMITH), Ezekiel Ansah; Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, Rashan Gary, German-White (Devin) WHITE).

But considering his talents, it is indeed worth another, but does not include Dallas Cowba, because the denim boss has said that if the Memago behavior changes, the change team will not give him a contract.

Local time on Thursday, Kelly accepted an interview on this question: «I don’t know where these guessing is from the team. I understand that my heart is very clear. The big list will be controlled from the beginning to the end. Some people are writing news Tott & lsquo; first-hand information & rsquo; as a head, I clearly tell you, I have not discussed similar things with anyone. Therefore, all existing guess is nonsense. On the other hand, I have been very Support Nick, he is an extremely excellent quarter-off. I think he has been withdrawn too much accusation and excessive questioning, I hope more people can like this young man. «

Obviously Rosenhaus won’t tell us which team is interested in Mansel, he said: «I can’t talk too much about him now, because you know the public’s views on his present, but I personally already have a few The team has exchanged, although Manzell’s life and work are in the field of view, but from commercial value, we have a chance. «

Three years ago, the giant’s contract with Fernon signed a $ 85 million in a $ 55 million. Although Ferrus’s performance is very stable, such a large contract seems to be a little bit. In the past three seasons, Fu Nong played 49 games, completed 22 kills, 319 hugs. Due to an ankle injury, Frongen has absent 9 games in two years.

Sanchez and eagle only signed a 1 year of contract, if he performs excellent, does not rule out the possibility of renewing him. From Kelly speaking, we can also see that he has not decided to have any quarter-saving future. Sanchez may become a long-term hair of the team, and Falls also have the opportunity to recover after the return. But in any case, Kelly has clearly expressed its own point of view: I can decide the team’s four-point guard, only himself.

The giant is currently 6 wins and 3 losses. They followed the opponents of the two games. The current record is 2 wins and 17 losses. In the case of the first winning rate of the giant, Beckham began to start the dream of entering the playoffs. But as he said on Friday, this does not depend on him to decide whether to enter the playoffs. Instead, Beckham put it on his old quarter.

If someone should take a lending the giant to enter the playoffs, it is Beckham. He is the most dangerous weapon of the giant and brought trouble to the defensive player every week. If he can’t cope with this challenge, the giant can rely on their defensive group. In any case, Beckham said that he is ready to respond to the stress and attention of the playoffs.

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