At the beginning of the university, he first shouted the University of Miami, but due to injuries, the drug test did not have a car accident, only in the 7th round by Buffalo Bill. In Bill, he successfully retained the first season, the first season completed the first season, but he was discovered in the last season, so he missed the last five games last season.

Kuflin: Regret, Nothing to sign Edelman

New York Giants Tom Coughlin is in a recent interview, and regrets that there is no signing of new England patriots to take over Julian EDELMAN. Before the start of the 2013 season, Edelman became a free player, he went to the giant trial, but in the end, both sides did not sign. Then the patriots and Edelman will continue for one year.

Ryan recently said that he is willing to accept a 1 year of $ 10 million, this figure is the same as the average annual salary of Titan’s 3 years. The 29-year-old Lan last season shows excellent performance, so he certainly wants to get the corresponding salary, or at least the opportunity to prove that it is worth such a high salary.

Tony Tony Sparano said this week that the team would even put the Matrs Risser, and after signing Salmonson, They have a bigger space. However, because the 53th National Congress of the Passer Team has been full, they will put safety Wei Jonathan — Jonathan Dowling is placed in the injury list. Du Lin is the 7th round of this year, and it has played a total of 7 games.

Talking about the situation of Adelman, Cao Fuwen still unforgettable: «I was attracted by his performance, this young player is very attractive to me. He is very serious, treating the attitude towards football, we Can you see what he wants. I am very regretful now, I can’t let him join the giant. But this is reality. «

«But as I said, I tried to make the most favorable decision for my family, everything is true. Obviously, there are many rumors in the outside world. I can’t confirm that any rumors are obviously not signed. We will wait and see. Whenever I obviously want to sign the contract, I accept a new contract. We will wait and see what will happen. But I also accept the quotation of other 30 teams other than Titan. I am willing to negotiate. «

Salmonson is an unique player. He has been in the training camp of the raid, and has not been recorded by cheap nfl jerseys from china. The University of Salmonson is effective in the Virgin Institute, and the total ball is 104 times in 4 years and 15 times.

Relevant reporters have been disclosed after an interview with several players, and the wild horse player will return to the Manning will return to the training. At present, the team did not arrange any time for Manning, and the legendary quadrant injury problem may be more serious than imagination.

It can also be seen from it that the patriot has the ability to turn waste into treasure. We are very suspicious whether Edelman has achieved the same success in other teams, at least the patriot will successfully fulfill his talent as actual performance.

There have been reports that the New York jet is intended to sign Lane. However, in the interview on Thursday, Ryan did not announce that he would join the jet as expected, and he said he still accepts the quotation of other teams.

The injured soldiers are full, and the raids will pick up the near-end Salmunson

Since the Auckland raid is full of injuries, they only have a player in the near-side position, so the team signed the fire player Scott — Salmomb on Saturday from the spending team (Scott) Simonson).

«Joining jets, this is very reasonable. I am from the area, I am studying in Rogies University, away from there,» Ryan is asking if it will add jet when it is asked. «So I am very familiar with New Jersey, I am a blue-collar background, this is what I grew up. I was selected by the new England Patriots in the third round, and then I have to do it now. Joining the jet is definitely very Reasonable.»

The landscape status of the Kansas City chief running guard is listed as unsure, but the insider revealed that he would appear. In the absence of Charcandrick West, Charles is expected to be slowly returned as a Spencer Ware.

According to NFL official website, Manning did not participate in any activities related to this week and team, including training and meeting. The 4th grade 4-point guards, BROCK OSWEILER, will usher in the first time. Manning does not communicate with Osweler, as if this week has nothing to do with him.

Manning is absent cheap jerseys from china all training and is not fixed

PEYTON Manning quickly fell out of people’s vision in a week, in determining that Mantin did not even attend any training this week after you won’t appear in this weekend and Chicago bears.

The reporter also reported that the coach Gary Kubiak hinted to be the current first goal with Manning’s health. On November 29, local time, the wild horse will give a new England patriot, fans expect to have the opportunity to see Manning and Tom Brady.

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