Although the salary cap in the new season has not been fully determined, the eagle is expected to exceed the upper limit (it is estimated that about 34.14 million US dollars). The transaction of Erz will help them release space. The basic salary of Ejz in the new season was originally $ 8.25 million, will occupy a salary space of US $ 12.5 million, and the amount of redundant salary has reached US $ 7.8 million.

Coaching Holly Smith, said that Holly, Hollid, who appeared in the early thigh tendon. Smith said that Holly Di Sunday was determined to be played. Louis Murphy & Exercise Group External Decong Markus Thigpen’s training time on the media on Friday is practicing attack, running guards, Bobby Rainey It also practiced the position of the backcrot hand.

Dolphin bad offensive performance makes it difficult to blame: the total number of collections (310) League 27. Earlier, they swayed in the four-point Swan Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick, and they were uncertain. The final Fitz Patrick is considered more trustworthy, and the performance of dolphins has begun to be stable. In the past six games, they all had at least 20 points and won three of them.

US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters reported that Dolphins have been dismissal of the offensive coordinator Chande — Regisia (CHEA) and offensive front line coaches Dave Deguglielmo. Othia is just a short year in the dolphins.

«The cheap nfl jerseys from China Alliance has an obligation and responsibility to standardize the player’s behavior, preventing players to participate in domestic violence, abuse children, intentional injuries, etc. A series of illegal crimes. This is not to be fans, but also for the whole year.» This spokesperson said . «These players are examples in many young fans, so players’ behavior will have a big impact on young people. This is that NFL needs to put an important reason for violent incidents.»

Clavite also said he hopes that the 64-year-old team coach Bill Belichick can coach to 80 years old. «You see Warren Buffet and Rubert Murdoch, both have been 80 years but still work very hard work, so we will keep Bill to keep healthy,» Krafte said.

If it is expected to be accurate in 6 to 7 years, we will discuss Braddy’s career according to different ages. Of course, it is impossible to verify that Braddy is really such a plan. On the contrary, we can plan to enjoy his performance in the new season and then it is natural.

White House urges NFL to solve the player’s domestic violence as soon as possibleIn recent times, various NFL players’ domestic violence have emerged, and social impact is getting more and more bad. The White House is finally unable to sit. Recently, the White House spokesperson requested NFL to deal with the player’s home violent events as soon as possible.

«I think Tommy can always show an unbelievable thing. This is related to lifestyle. He loves training. After we first super bowls, I won the old Fox after winning 3 days. The training room of the Fort Stadium, saw that he was in training. Until now he has not changed the way to get along with people, and the way he trained, this is the magical place in him. The only change is his Eating habits. I am not sure that there is water and oil ice cream is suitable for me, so if I can grow like him and have half his performance, I think I will try it. «

But this is not enough to save his work because the dolphins’ mushroom attack is still difficult. The 37-year-old Fitz Patrick actually became the header of the team, the squash codes 4.5. Mark Walton «followed», the whole year’s mushroom promotes & hellip; & hellip; 201 yard. Kalen Ballaga completed 3 shocks, but the average code was less than 2.0. Most of the victory must be attributed to the ball propulsion provided by Devante Parker and Mike Gesicki.

The 30-year-old Ejz last season declined, and the 36-time ball was completed in 11 games to achieve 335 yards. For Ejs, who once selected a professional bowl, these three data were newly low. But if he finally left the team, this will not be completely due to his performance.

But Reni will be busy with other things, running guards — Martin (Doug Martin) is included in the questions of questions because of an ankle injury, which means that Reni is like a first-run guard. The 30th anti-running, the same rookie Charles Sims may also activate and play from the list.

Kufulin, Vice President of the United States Tiger: There is no excuse to talk about the future without excusesTom Coughlin, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President of Jacksonville, surprised to meet the media on Wednesday, he said that the team is «no excuse» for the team’s current 4 wins and 7 losses.

When the eagle continues to change the team during the offset period, it is a reasonable decision to exchange. On the other hand, the Empant transaction to a strong team will also draw a satisfactory date for the eight-year relationship between the two sides.

Cofflin said that all talks between ourselves and Malone will not open outside. When he was once again asked Malong’s future, Cauffen rebuilt him will end first, and he did not cast a trust ticket for Malone. «As I have always said, we have 5 games to play, and will evaluate each of us. Everyone for us.» He said.

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