29-year-old Gronoski salary ranked fourth in the near-end Arm, is located in Jimmy Graham, Travis Kelce and Jordan Reed. Later. Since 2010, Gronoski has completed 76 games, and the ranking of alliances can be ranked third in the historical near-end. It is also the only 5 seasons to get more than 10 Dove of nearly 10 times in the history of NFL.

We agree with Cook. The offensive group led by Shaun Hill only won 280 yards, of which 229 yards, 69 yards of sports, also sent a drop, and the last attack was copied in the opponent. Worse, the ram has attacked the opponent’s 10-yard line in two degrees, and eventually only ended at any free kick. The entire third section, the ram did not get 1 first work, and three three times and three disappointments.

Ram near the Ram: Block is our own reason

Arizona Red Tit has experienced a difficult thinking on Thursday, and the 11th victory also means they have ensured that they can enter the playoffs. Although the 3rd quarter gyroids have to be enabled in the competition, they still overcome the St. Louis ram in 12-6. The head coach Bruce-Arians is not good. He is considered to be the popular people in this season.

After the competition, the ram near the Rikhike, Jared Cook, was very regrettable. He said: «We were defeated, we lost to each other in tactics. Not because the opponent is playing more, Our own performance is too bad. The problem is in our own side, the attack is bad to unimagin. The game is only 6 points, and I have not completed 1 time. This is a failure night. «

Beijing time October 9, Tuesday, Tuesday, 8:20 this morning, the fifth week of the season, Monday Monday, New Orleans, 3 wins and 1 loss of New Orleans Saints in the main court to fight 2 wins and 1 losses Washington red skin. At the last season, the two teams were last season. At that time, Www.Wethesecondright.com the Saint-Home overtime was 3 points to fight the red skin. In addition, this game is important for the Saint-Sassard Drees Drew Brees, because this game is expected to surpass Brett Favre and Pedon — Manning ( Peyton Manning, becoming a quarter-off the number of passes in NFL history.

Patriot and proximal plum Gel Londo restructuring contract

Beijing August 31, the Patriot’s near-end Around Rob-Gronk Gronkowski said that the contract issues will not affect the performance of our seasons. In order to ensure that this problem will not be further fermented in regular season, the patriot is reorganized with this near-end war.

The offensive group of Brian Schottenheimer led the offensive group lacked creativity, and their efficiency is low, and the whole season is always flat. Although the defense of the red ramp is really excellent, just like the Cook said, the bigger problem is on the ram. They worse offensive tactics, bad tactical choices let them lose a winning game.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the 34-year-old will be quenching will choose to retire for the second consecutive year. LaboThe Kitler may also participate in the popular real show show with his wife.

Glennong has currently received invitation from Chicago and New York jet, and it may become the first quarter-off. The 27-year-old Glennong is the third round of the pirate 2013. The first two seasons have been in 18 games, and 29 passed by 29 passes. 15 times were completed by 3 wins and 13 losses. Record.

At present, Glenn farm choices wait, he wants to watch the situation in the free market and the first needs of other teams, and if everything fails, he can also come back to do his substitute quarter-saving.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the restructuring contract adds $ 4.3 million in 2018, so the salary is up to $ 13.3 million. The bonus includes $ 1 million and $ 3.3 million incentive bonuses that play all the competitions. If you want to achieve $ 3.3 million, Groner must complete 3: 70 batches, 80% on the game, 1085 yards, More than 9 reached.

Next week, the Subject of the free player was now determined that a contract with a total of 8 million US dollars a season worth 8 million. This contract predict that Glennong became The most expensive substitute for the league is quiz.

On the other hand, the red skin coach Jie Jie-Grunetne also consistently likes the rewards that are insufficient, but work attitudes and basic technologies. McCaki is in line with this description, he passed 139 times in the past four seasons, completed 98 (70.5%), promoted 1185 yards, got 5 reaches, and trigled three times. Although the efficiency is highlighted, the physical and durability is insufficient to make him only succeed.

There is no middle class in the quadrant market, and the elite player can get a annual salary of around 20 million US dollars, and the average salary of the Subtail quarter-bonus is rare to more than $ 4 million. Red leather believes that McCaki has the ability to win the team in a short period of time, so they are willing to give the transition quartz. As a comparison, Bill signed a contract for 2 years $ 2 million with a Jami McCarron, of which 6 million is guaranteed.

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