Although Wilson, New England Patriots Tom Brady and Carson Palmer are popular, but Newton’s voice is relatively higher because he is in the black. Leopard this season 15 wins and 1 loss, and his own rushing data ranked first.

Since then, between October to December, Glenn was renewed six times, until it was once again signed into the team training list on December 2 last year, and the honor of the Super Bowl was obtained with the patriots.

This is not surprising. Sags and Smith are still recovering cheap Jerseys from china their respective Azuro tear injuries. Dumerville has just been treated in the court period. Richardson is working hard to return to the competition after the training of the leg gluten is limited, and Roer will reimburse the session season.

Ting Black has participated in the superb bowl 38 midrange show performance. Recently, there were reports that Jay Z refused to participate in the midfielder show, last year Adele refused to perform invitation. Probably still can’t take off the problem with the problem

After the sea eagle gave a four-dimensional Wilson, the outside world was given a average annual salary that would have a average annual salary that would have a average annual salary that will be over June 29. Dollar contract is suspicious.

Manning was 36 years old. At least 30 passes in each season in the past two seasons, according to this speed he has the opportunity to close the Dan Marino or even Tom Brady and Duru DREW BREES ‘s record.

Wagner has already said that he is ready to face this is his possibility of his last season. Now he once again confirmed this point of view, he said that he understood that the contract with the Hawie has entered the last year and will still help the team.

Elays Manning Completes personal 300th pass to

The New York Giants created history in the sixth week of Baltima Crow in the sixth week. He completed the 300th pass to the top of the top Denver’s wild horse. John Elway.

The players who will pay attention to the next training camp are the first round of the crow to take over the first round of Xiu, who missed the entire season because of the right knee injury, and in the training period training. Left knee ten tie ligament.

Wagner can play a huge role in the defensive group. He almost allows yourself to block the opposition of the opponent and cheap nfl jerseys from China guard against the opponent near the opponent or running in the pass defense. There are very few internal users worth $ 17 million annual salary. But Wagner may be such a player, even if he will be over 30 years old.

The crow is announced to put six players in the missing list. These players include external lines of Terrell-Sags (Elvis Dumervil), External hand Steve Sr. (Steve Smith Sr.) and Breis Perry Breshad Perriman, Run Trent Richardson, and Jumal Rolle.

For the crow, there is a good news is that Joe FLACCO is not in the injury list. The crow was quarter-point guard because the knee speracolic ligament and the inner sub-ligament tear were missing six games, but he should be able to return at the beginning of the training camp as expected.

Sea Eagle Players Bobi — Wagner: I hope to become the highest salary of the alliance

Beijing May 23, C.J. C.J. Mosely, the contract with the New York jet increases the salary benchmark of the wire guard to the new height. Seattle Sea Eagle Wei Bo ratio — Bobby Wagner wants its next contract to exceed Mosley.

In order to prove that you have the value of the Hawks, Wagner attended the training period training, but he won’t participate in training without getting a new contract. Whether he will continue to be a teammate after the 2019 season, he hopes to help guide young players.

Mosley’s new contract allowed him to get an average of $ 17 million actions per year, easily over the highest level of Luke Kuechly, 12.359 million US dollars. Wagner’s current contract allows him to have an average of $ 10.75 million average salary.

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