Last season, Füls completed the 34th battles in his career, got 341 yards 7 times. 7 times ranked third in all proximal edges of the Alliance. He is almost difficult to block in front of the end zone, and he also stabilizes in terms of open cover.

49 people started four-point guard competition far. If Katnik stays in the team throughout the season, we believe that both people will have the opportunity to play. At present, 49 thousands of zhemhetic lineups mean that they may usher in a failed season. In NFL, the uncertainty of the quadrant position is added together, there will be no one-defense get a first opportunity. So even Kelly finally determine the first candidate in this summer, the competition is far from being worth it. & Mdash; may never end.

49 people quad-saving Gabot: I am eager to start the first place of competition.

In the case of Colin Kaepernick, it is still unable to step on the training ground during the team’s break. The 49 people of San Francisco reiterates that there is no time arrangement to determine the first four Pelfish candidates.

The row of rickets has been severely injured, the most important two, David Johnson and Cheshe Edmonds may absent this game. So, the newly proximity to Jochle, Drake, or will play an important role. In the face of the game, the opponent rushed out of 95.7 yards of 49 people’s defenders, Odiasongs.In and Kitberury, who was good at commanding the attack, perhaps the Drake before the Miami dolphins was not reused.

«The opportunity will be in front of me to get a great season,» Gibot said. «I think this is the challenge I am willing to accept. Nothing is what should be given to you, especially in nfl jerseys. You have to set the opportunity.»

Pederson said: «I think Sam is a high-quality quarter-saving, which is top-level. Take a look at his performance in the next half, I believe he can perfectly adapt to my offensive system. Of course, We also need to continue to assess this position, we will make a corresponding decision in the future. «In the 8th game, Bradford was 304 times, completed 202 times, promoted 2164 yards, and won 10 reached Critance 3 times. Since multiple quadrants enter the free market, the eagle has reason to make a decision.

Miller signed with the Patriots is a one-year $ 1.05 million, including $ 200,000 guaranteed income contract. Patriots may attempt to re-sign him in the future (if the first week of the season veteran team squad of his salary becomes guaranteed income, but if re-signed after the first week it will not). With the expansion of sparring and allowed to join the group of veteran players, the Patriots may make him into sparring group.

However, it is difficult to believe that the steel man is very difficult to believe in the performance of the steel man last season. Nowadays, Antonio — Brown gets a new contract return, healthy running Wilver-Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) and external hand Martavis bryant (first resumed the appearance) Let the decision to retire become more difficult. We can’t forget that the steel man really does not have a lot of preparations if you retire, and the performance of the four-point guardian Dien Jones is unable to make people feel how much confidence.

Miller suffered a knee cruciate ligament tear before more than a year ago, leading to 2019 season. He signed with the Patriots at the start of training camp in August. On Monday he will not play because of injury just been removed from the list. Only participated in the week of training undoubtedly affect his chances of leaving the team.

Who played for the Houston Texans and the Miami Dolphins Miller in the 2014-2018 season, each season rushing yardage are more than 800 yards, which in 2014 and 2016 season rushing yardage broken thousands.

Patriots running back position affected by injuries during training camp, including Sony — Michelle (Sony Michel) and recently underwent surgery the little finger of second-year player Damien — Harris (Damien Harris).

The four-point guards, Mulange and the Lattellack, the Nick Bosa, will first confront the first time, this is also the sixth sub-off-attack group and the defensive group of the championship and the list of players in the rookie season. Before this year, many people think that Bosa is the best player, but the final rock will pick Murray. Both people play a good job in the rookie season. Bobass has achieved 7 kills. It was the sixth players who have achieved this achievement in the top 7 games in the past 1982, and Murray got 1988 yards in this season, and the rush was 279 yards, 3 times The game has passed more than 300 yards, once a week, the best offensive player. His performance is largely helped to be considered to be one of the League’s worst team. The sagllard has given the opponent to the sixth granter. The play of the two may determine the results of the game.

Two young coach, Kliff Kingsbury, and Kyle Sanahan, will be confrontation. At the beginning, Jinsury, who should use «air strike attack», gradually adjust after entering the league, making the proportion of the running scale balance. However, the team offensive group was unstable, and the team’s red zone offensive in the play of the Saint Become a big problem, while the injury problem of running guards may mean that Jinsury needs more to rely more than four points. Thunder is engaged. 49 people here, under the leadership of Salunhan, the team acquires at least 14 points in each game. 49 people using 40 shock attacks and 20 passes of 20 times now have Run Wanten Coleman, Emmanuel Sanders and proximal ends. George Kittle These offense can be expected to give a wonderful offensive command.

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