We are hard to get righteousness to catch up with this predecessor in the future, but his current performance will bring infinite hopes to the small poliors. When two people ranked among the playoffs three times before the birth of the two, Rack acquired 2 wins and 2 losses, the success rate of passing the ball was 58.7%, the number of passes was 359.5 yards, and the completion of 7 championships was converted 8 times. Manning is in the top three playoffs in the top three playoffs. 3 losses, the pass success rate is 47.6 & amp ;, average passed the ball code number 186.0, winning 1 time, being copied twice.

Although this may only be the symptom of the same flu in Manning and Cheap jerseys the thigh injury, it will be interesting when the wild horses will remain so much in the season. The wild horses have established enough advantages to let them repair the offensive group vulnerability while doing more in winter.

Patriot fans message: «The death, we don’t want to talk about 2007, you will not want to recall 2016, it has passed.» «I don’t remember what in 2007, I remember the last super bowl. We copy. Sea Eagle. «» We can spend all this but most people can not, you are also difficult to have this hurdle, we can only avoid this topic. «

The patriot fans have been spent for many years, while the Warriors fans need to face all this, and the final warrior fans will ask the patriotic fans to spend the failure after the 42nd super bowl. But most patriots fans don’t seem to talk more about the history.

In the past four games, Manning only came out of 4 times, but 5 passes were copied and the quarterfield was less than 80. His passage success rate is the same below the career average. Maybe from Warner’s point of view, the wild horses have more than one game of Manning in the past four games than the number of running guards.

The 29-year-old McClin is selected by the Carolina Black Panther in 2011. In addition to last year, he was played in 2012 in 2012 in the new England Patriots, 2012-13 to the Houston Texas and 2013 to 2016. Darlas Cowbi.

«I think the biggest problem is the rhythm.» The four-point guard once won the superb bowl in NFL official website. «The things they do after the game with the ram are, as if they say, & lsquo; Hey, we need more punch. So we have to use more pre-design-designed mushroom attacks. We use Pedon not possible Play its own power off. He can’t use the best solution for changing the tactics before the kick. We have to use a mushroom tactic and then really use the mushroom attack. & Rsquo; I think this makes him some lost rhythm. «

Since several negotiations in February, the two sides slowly approached the consensus on the terms. This contract would undoubtedly let Rack become the highest salary of the federation. At present, the title of the highest player of salary belongs to the Baltimo Crow 4 points Wei Qiao Fla FLACCO, and he renewed a salary of $ 22.1 million after renewal. Lac is very impossible to accept prices than this.

Bridit’s teammates, Darius Leonard, publicly expressed trust in Brid, and criticized the excellent evaluation of Brids. At the same time, the team owner Jim Irsay said last month to «open an open attitude» for Brid.

Manning’s career is undoubtedly successful, but if his earlier playoffs, the Mentian fans may be disappointed. Manning and his pony have been waiting for his sixth season before the first playoffs. In the 2003 season, Manning successively defeated Denver wild horses and chiefs to enter the United States. Unfortunately, he is finally patriotic in New England. Manning is undoubtedly the most legendary quarter-off in the history of the small mall. He took the team into the playoffs in 14 seasons in the pony, and eventually got a championship.

Pony held a mandatory mini training camp this week, it is not likely that both parties will complete the renewal before the end of the mini training camp. But Rock’s brokers and pony have taken a step towards this obstacle before the next small horse.

One of the most concerned teams is the Indiana Polis. After the original first quartz, Andrew Luck suddenly retired before the last season, Jacoby Brissett was pushed to the first. After he experienced a good last season, Pony was considered to be very likely to sign the old PHILIP RIVERS instead of him.

Lak is better than the early manning in the playoffs.For Andrew Lucks, what achieved in the future, now he has exceeded Pedon Manning in the early playoffs in the playoffs, and PEYTON MANNING. Ruck only used two seasons and got his first playoffs. Last season, Indianapolis Pony against the Chief of Dragonas City, Lak leads the team to complete 28 points.

Indiana Polis Pony quartz Weide: Don’t care about the outside worldWhen the multi-teams are preparing for the most exquisite free players market in recent years, the outside world streams all kinds of rumors.

Pony and Quaque are negotiating the weight level renewal contractAccording to informed people, Indianapolis horses and four-point guardian Andrew Luck are progressing in the negotiation of the contractual contract contract, and the two sides are expected to complete the renewal in July.

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