According to the latest news, the bear team may consider going to the 7th election show to ensure the first round of Mario Tag. Jason Cole said: «Mario Tag will have a lot of traction in Chicago, many people in Chicago believe that Mario Tag will be the answer to the team, then the transaction Jay-Carter Jay Cutler became the most urgent thing. «

Arreon: The red tones will try no business attackThe goal of Arizona Red Spits is naturally far away, in addition to trying to avoid injuries, they also decide appropriate to adjust their own game. The old four-point guards will train in recent returns, and the colorful rickets are hoped to use no merchant attacks more frequently in the new season.

Arreon believes that his team can control the rhythm of the competition, and the unconstitutional offense will bring a lot of help to the team. John Brown revealed that the team has been avoiding the use of no business attacks last season, but the team will put a huge force from the opponent’s defensive group Cheap Jerseys From China the first second of the game. pressure.

In the past 3 weeks, Briguwater passed to 6 times, no copy, the quarter-saving ball ratings 123.2, the alliance first. In the first 12 games of this season, he just got 8 times. When the flight is more than 15 yards, Briguart’s four-point guard is divided into 154.4, the first party. This week’s opponent, Aaron Rodgers, is sluggish, only 4 times in the past 3 weeks, and has been copied twice. The most valuable player of the Former Alliance has been less than 100 points in the four consecutive games. In the past 5 games, Rogers’ passage success rate is only 58.0%, and the ball is 209.6 yards, and 78.2 is scored.

Bruce Bruce-Arians revealed in an interview: «We can adjust the offensive rhythm very fast. I like the rhythm of the unconstraining, the past is not bad when using this kind of attack method. The effect. This is also a special training in this area for the first time. «

«They will get a lot of punch tasks,» Rivers represent the Los Angeles media. «It is of course a deep position for us. They are happy to play. We love Gordon, but we have to use the players with hands. This is a very good group of people.»

Quartzwute Rivus: Aden, but lightning is also very goodBeijing July 27th is currently not alternative to Melvin Gordon, which is currently desirable to get a new contract. But he may not agree to this view at the teammates of Los Angeles Lightning. PHILIP RIVERS.

The two members of the Emirates will play this week.The offensive group of the Kansas City chief seems to have encountered injuries. In the latest issue of injury report, the team will run the TRARCANDRICK WEST and the close-up Tel Avis Kels Kelce is listed as «doubt.» Wester was injured in the legs in the last week, and Kelles was hurt in the ankle in the team training on Friday.

Briguwater: Defeat the packaging work without changing supermanMinnesota Wizard will make a woven in the Green Bay this week, they will become the champion in the country of the United States. Viking people won at least 38 points in the past 2 weeks, and then there was no more than three defensive cores in the previous week to defeat Arizona. For Teddy Bridgewater, the first playoffs in the career is near.

Bear team considers trading Carterre to choose Mario TagMarcus Mariota may be the largest variable in the election meeting. The former Oregon star player almost half of the team may have a contact, then the Chicago bears will be the most eager?

But who will be willing to have a big contract for Carterler? A few months ago, there was reported that Tennessee Titan is interested in this trading, because of Carteller in Tennessee. For Titan’s head of coach, he needs a strong armless four-point guard, Katler has a very good arm, but his pass option and the protection of the ball makes us nothing to say.

At the time of interview, the head coach was disclosed, and Cels’s injuries did not have a problem, and Wester is also gradually recovering. Kels is the first day of the season, and the total number of 244 yards in the first three weeks of competition has been reached 2 times, but then there will be no one to get the hundred yards.

Rivers is right: Ekler has proven that you can play out in the lightning offensive group, and Jackson shows potential in the last season. Gordon is likely to continue to continue to the new season, and other running guards of lightning are very likely to prove that he is not so difficult.

Talking about the game with the package, Briguart said: «You can’t make a performance be too important. I know that we have completed an excellent season, have done a lot, but at this stage, we need to get rid of Some things, do it back. Don’t need anything, don’t wear superman clothes, don’t need cloaks, we only need to do your job. «

6 wins and 8 losses of Auckland raids still have the hope of advancement of the playoffs before entering this week, but it is possible that they will say goodbye to the regular season of this season before the start of the game. This season team offensive group leader Derk Carl played, the Defensive Group’s Carl Mark became the only highlight of the raid this season. He has won 10.5 times this season, and it is expected to have 6 consecutive games. The competition can get the killing. It is also a potential nominated object of the best defensive player this season for three consecutive seasons. Since 2015, Mark has got 36.5 times, and the second place in the same period is listed. The Silver Black Legion will challenge the fierce eagle in the season, but the fierce bisquaries, but as the last night tour of the regular season, and cherish it.

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