Weber was cut off on Sunday, he was a three-round show in 2017, which was seen as a successor in Eli Manning. In the preseason, Weber passed the ball completion rate of 53%, promoted 283 yards, and got a reach.

49 people attacked Joe-Stalley to gratifying Gallo: «When he just came for two days, he had already showing the most popular in Jung and exercises. He will remind everyone: & lsquo;, pay attention, we have to do this & hellip; & hellip; & rsquo ;. Playing with him does not need to be tested, because Gallo Polo will not be very arrogant. He just tells you what to do, I want to be in New England The patriot ‘experience is definitely helpful to him. «

Although the patriot does not lack the wire guard, the injury problem is a hidden danger that the team has to be guarded. Jerod Mayo and Tang Tower — Hightower (A hightower) were subject to surgery due to knee and shoulder injury, and still resumed during recovery. Fletcher is also troubled by injuries last season, just 4 times. At present, he has recovered from injuries, and his arrival will further enhance the depth of patriot lineup.

Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) said to this: «I have said, I will not tell if everyone needs to come here. I know that we don’t have 100% to Qi, but there are many people give After I call, this is coming, this is voluntary, of course I hope they can surprise you in the next season. «

Stalley said: «Once you have confidence in your four-point bath, the entire collective level will be different. The election of the season has also seen it, Gallopo drives his teammates, we are very happy Can let him stay in the team, experience the break, training camp, and the next season. «

US time Monday is a voluntary training camp in Bill, apparently Watkins did not participate, players did not participate and was not surprised, but Watekins was absent. The reason was a bit dissatisfied. The 22-year-old player was taken in the US Tuesday, and a casino appeared in North Carolina.

«This is NFL,» said Simlun, when talked about Digs’s trading. «Your team has changed every year. The location of your location will change, and the external connections have changed every year. I actually be excited about the depth of the lineup of the external connections. No one can understand the depth of our position, nor Learn about the players we introduced. But I am all right and some of them. I am very excited about our location. Whether it is a young man or a signed old. This location will be very different, but it will behave very good. «

49 people and raid playersAuckland raids have killed the San Francisco 49 in Sunday, which also makes 49 people’s playoffs. After the game, the raid slaughter — Moore ran to Colin Kaepernick, saying loudly in front of COLIN KAEPERNICK.

Patriot signing the old line Wei FletcherAfter a year of piracy for Tampawan, Dane Fletcher returned to New England Patriots. Tuesday, the Patriots announced that it has and Fletcher agree on the New Testament, the two sides signed a short about a period of 1 year. A week ago, the Patriots sign and return another team who played linebacker Brandon — Spikes (Brandon Spikes).

Cape Nik has been hit in the past few weeks, and he only came out of 171 yards, 2 reached, 1 copy. Last week, he only came out of 121 yards, 0 reached the array, 2 coputés, and finally lost 3 to 19 to Seattle Hawks. In the past three games, Katnik has completed two pass to more than 5 copies.

Adam — Sim: Excited for the depth of the lineup of WeijingIn this year’s break, Minnesota Weijing will take the exterior of Stefon Diggs to pass the team, which makes the outside world have doubts about the position of the team.

In the course, the Patriot has lost a lot of people in the second line, so the team shifts to build a more tough front line seven groups. In the new season, Meiio will partner Hyoshua as an internal virtue, and the external guards are held by Jamie Collins and Rob Nink Ninkovich.

Viking will expect Jefferson to fill Digs’ vacancies. His outstanding exercise ability allows him to come to different locations and can immediately bring different team offensive. He should be able to adapt to the professional stadium quickly, but there is of course affected during the training period.

Sharp is another interesting possibility. After the 2016 new show, he reimbursed the season in 2017, Cheap Jerseys after this, his performance was full. His last season he could not become a fixed rotation in Tennessee. But if he can rebound in Viking, he will get a lot of play time.

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