The player will suspect that the wilderness denim is unable to violate the renewal of the player.A NFL player official said that the players are reviewing the information to decide in the contract negotiations in the contract with their respective privileged players Demas Thomas and Dez Bryant, Denver, Denver. Does Dallas have a constructor in the contract that has not reached a consensus.

Robert Alford is the first half of the next half of the season to be removed. The red rickets were S $ 3 year 24 million US dollars in February. This is undoubtedly in the snow, PATRICK Peterson has been banned. Byron Murphy and Tramaine Brock will compete for the role of the original Alford.

Falcon Safety Safety Safety Safety Damontae Kazee ribs injured, no fractures, but daily observations.

Jagua Run Alfred Bullet Brune Sprain.

Titan Signing Outside Way Swan Smith, give up the outside line of James Falston.

Pony External Hands Lishang Fountain is discharged today, and he accepted the surgery to repair fractures and dislocated ankles on Thursday.

The crow announced the signing line Wei Tang Nard Penne, and Payne has played for the Jagua in the past two years.

Lightning Entry Beginner Knee Before Kneenan Allen, the ankle is also injured.

49 people signed a year with the corner wing 奎 奎恩 廷 — Roenten Rollins. Accordingly, the angle Greg Mabin is sicking. Roins is a package of packages in 2015, 2015-2017, a total of 15 games.

Tiger adds a list of exemptions / lescreens in Christian Westerman. This 26-year-old offensive front line member decided to retire today. Westman is a five-year show in 2016, and his career has played in 16 games, and 2 of them were first.

Simmons is a three-round show in the wild horse. The first 16 games last season, completed 4 copies, 15 times destroyed passed, 93 times. His CD and the number of broken passes are the first in the team, and the number is only second to Todd Davis.

Cowboy refuses to comment on this matter. A person who is related to the team believes that there is no connection between the two teams. The wild horses also refuse to comment on this matter. Sources said this is the first time the team heard this allegation, and the player has not contacted the team.

Since the fourth round in 2016, Hig has been stably contributing to the ram offensive group. Last season he completed 24 cents to get 292 yards 2 times. He played a critical role in the National Union finals of the New Orleans Saint. In the third section, he completed a ball for 1 time, and he completed twice in the event of the victory of the overtime.

Okun, which is in his peak period, may sacrifice the level of negotiations and a lot of money & mdash; & mdash; may be more than 3% commission more & mdash; & mdash; but he is obviously more willing to put the bet. «I know my value,» Okun said in the declaration. «I can observe the market and directly contact the team to tell me the value rather than the broker. I can confidently do this because I have already studied research, I have already studied a lot, I have already questioned what I was given. Answer.»

Packaging workers will not coach professional bowl due to illness Green Bay Packaging Work is announced that the team’s head coach Mike McCarthy will not participate in the professional bowl competition held in Hawaii this weekend. Originally, he will use the coach to guide each team to complete this game.

Relevant persons revealed that doctors suggested that McChazi should not perform long-distance flights, and the latter chooses to listen to the doctor’s recommendations. Therefore, the team assistant coach and the WINSTON MOSS will replace McCartin to complete this week’s work.

The deadline for long-term renewal contracts in Thomas and Brian will be this Wednesday. If the two teams cannot take over to their ace, they can only get a contract worth $ 12.83 million in this season. Previously, there were news, saying that Bryant and Cowbi will signed a new contract, but according to the media reports on July 8, there is actually no progress in the negotiations between the two sides. And the wild horses, the head church Gary Kubik, who has reported to ESPN in June, said that his self-confident team will continue to work with Thomas before the training camp, but the recent report shows that both sides have also failed to make progress. .

Infidents, the suspicion of the players, cheap Jerseys From China the two teams refused to open a new contract with Calvin Johnson contract. Both the two teams believe that the prices of the players are too high, explain that Johnson’s contract cannot reflect the market’s market, because this contract is affected by Johnson’s rich rookie contract, Johnson’s rookie contract is signed in 2007 In the year, it was 4 years ago in the implementation of the new labor agreement.

The professional bowl has been regarded as a chicken rib. It is natural to make our physical health for this game for McCarthy. At the same time, Moss will gain a rare opportunity, which will become an important event in his coaches career.

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