All of these troubles delay the arrival of giant fans looking forward to the arrival of the month. When Odell Beckham continues to show the horizontal level of the League, it is easy to forget how dangerous to partner of the Eli Manning in Tocz and the Quara-Manning (Eli Manning).

Wilson and Hawks seem to be destined to succeed in the season, they got 5 games, Wilson himself is the popular people of MVP. In these five games, he got a 19 time in these five games, only 3 passes were copied, and the transfer rate reached 72.8%.

Cruz has not participated in the competition since he suffered from severe hidden tandem tears from October 12 last year. Although he recovered smoothly after surgery, he encountered the trouble of injury in the caller during this time.

Cauffein insisted that there is no problem with the four filesIn this week’s competition, cheap jerseys a tactical choice of Tom Coughlin in the New York Giants was questioned by the outside world. When the game with the New York jet is 5 minutes and 50 seconds, the giant is leading 20-10. The team at the distance of 4 yards from the end area, attempts 4th-speed transfer, and finally Eli Manning, the team was disappeared, and the team missed the opportunity to continue to expand the lead.

Giant Exterior Hand Cruz self-confidence can play the next gameNew York Giants Entry Wask — Croz (Victor Cruz) has not been trained in this season. His calf has not heached it, which makes him unable to be selected to play the play of the Washington Red Leather Competition.

His 30.3% of the completion rate has also created a new low, which is a new low in success rate since 1992 (calculation standard: at least 30 times.). In addition, the third transformation rate of the tiger is only 3/17, and the conveyor is taken.

A letter of Tom-Brad DiffiAbout Patriots 4-point Wei Tom Braddy may have a lot of disputes, but there are two things that will not change: he is a thank you for your success for the fans of the patriots. Earlier, the four-point guards that have been counted on the legendary level have posted a personal letter on his face account, and the fox of the fox fort, clearly express some of his feelings and ideas:

Shawn Hill became a Wi-Beijing unveiled Minnesota Viking has been a first round of draft, Sam Bradford, but the team does not arrange him in the first week. Viking players revealed that Shaun Hill will be the first time they unveiled.

Viking this week’s opponent is Tennessee Titan, the team coach Mikey, Mulach, said that the opponent’s four-guards did not affect their team’s preparation: «Two quarter-offs have experienced excellent During the course, I think Bradford will send it first. If he doesn’t, we will not affect our preparation for the game. «

In many predicted patriots asked for two consecutive years, in the case of the Dinglumba Batti Award, the wonderful party finals defeated 18 to 20. Seeing Brundy as a team leader, for the next season’s championship is still inactive, the fans of the patriot can be relieved. However, for other teams, «I believe that this year’s failure is the next season’s successful foot stone», it is still a bit surprising.

The ram is a star defensive player Alon Donald to block the sea eagle attack. Wilson and teammates failed to seize Donald’s offens, until the fourth quarter was like a dream, but it was already too late.

In the 2014 season, Bradford was reimbursed because of his knee injury season, and his substitute was Hill. Viking decided to give Bradford more time to familiarize tactics, and he will usher in the first show in the second week. The best season of Hill’s career is the 2010 season. He passed the 2686 yards, and he won 16 reachaes to be copied 12 times, and the success rate of the passage was 61.8%.

In addition to the long biography of DK-Metcalf, Wilson is particularly poor. He committed a lot of mistakes: Give Metkaw’s short pass by the ram player and returned to the array, and was killed 5 times, the pass success rate was only 40.7%, which was the lowest season. ESPN only gave him 17.6 QBR score, which is the fifth poor performance of his career.

The team can go to our present position, we have made a lot of efforts and dedication, our goals every season are winning the super bowl, I believe that this year’s loss is the next season’s successful foot stone.

Corylin repeatedly emphasized that there is no problem with this choice, which is the most suitable offensive option at that stage. After losing this game, the giant may therefore lose the favorable position in the competition of the National Liandong District champion. 3 wins and 8 losses Dallas denim and the 5-winning Washington red skin will be held in Monday night games, while the record of Philadelphia eagle has been flat. Competition within the partition will continue to continue.

In subsequent time, the jet has been 13 points and eventually reversed the giant people in 23-20. This decision in Cofflin is also amplified after the game. Coflin said: «4 files 2 yards, according to our state in this attack, the time of the game, the score of the time, I think it is the best choice. If I will come back, I will make the same decision. More important is not this attack, but the performance of the team. «

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